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  1. TonyVazquez

    OT - Random conversation thread

    Started seeing THIS two weeks ago at my local DollarTree store... Me:
  2. TonyVazquez

    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    16 and smaller - blip
  3. TonyVazquez

    Hi-hat technique questions

    That song will be on our next CD, included with 5 other new songs.
  4. TonyVazquez

    Hi-hat technique questions

    Thanks brother! It's a continuous learning process.
  5. TonyVazquez

    How to behave like a pro ?

    Courtesy, modesty, humbleness, readiness, and common sense. These five traits will keep you out of trouble.
  6. TonyVazquez

    I lost a set of old Zildjian hi hats

    Losing hihats is a kick in the groin. Hope you find your hats soon.
  7. TonyVazquez

    Hi-hat technique questions

    I almost always play my hats tightly closed, unless I'm building up to a thrashing or towards the ride cymbal in the chorus of a song. I don't wanna plaster my video all over this site, but this video is a ballad song in which I play closed hats in the verses with a closed tight hats Bell Chick...
  8. TonyVazquez

    I Hate Virgin Bass Drums and the Resulting Need for Stand Mounted Toms

    My kick is virgin, but my toms Are rack mounted. I don't mind kick-mounted toms, but they make overtone noise when I play the kick beater. That often screws with my kick track during a recording session. I'm not friendly about stand-mounted toms, the stands take up floor space where I could...
  9. TonyVazquez

    OT Joke Thread

    Don't call her Booger...
  10. TonyVazquez

    Sexy Snare Drum Photos

    I love the sound of my 13"x5" Sound Percussion snare drum... Photographed* with my Zoom Q2N camera. * I actually exported the video file to my PC and grabbed a screenshot from the video footage and saved it as a jpg.
  11. TonyVazquez

    Sexy Snare Drum Photos

    So THAT'S where my rolodex went! Just kidding, lol. That's an interesting concept, as if to acoustically treat that drum inside. I imagine it sounds choked flat (as in Non resonant) which is good for the studio... "resonance" can be added later on in the post mix via some reverb or any effect...
  12. TonyVazquez

    Cleaning drum heads

    Glad it worked out for you. That's how I clean pinstripes, ps3, and smooth mylar resos and batter heads if any oil gets on them. That also goes for vaseline, too. AND Grease pencils, for those of you who write your setlist on the drum head! LOL I use either one of two cleaning methods 1...
  13. TonyVazquez

    OT Joke Thread

    You gotta record a sequel to your current album, because the last drum you hit in your fancy tom fill had a sign that read "To Be Continued" --------------- An ad on Facebook, for new car seat cushions...
  14. TonyVazquez

    Silly want but I want! 14” Remo head

    I missed the boat on that Remo logo. When did they change to a bigger logo? Would like to see a pic of two Remo drum heads, side by side, showing the old smaller logo and the new logo. Personally, I don't like any large manufacturer's logo on the drum heads. If I were endorsed by Remo I'd...
  15. TonyVazquez

    Cleaning drum heads

    Oil? Try some Palmolive dish soap and running hot water, gently workin it off with clean fingers*** it should cut the oil right off. ***Sometimes a wet hand towel might buff a rough texture into the drum head leaving a scuff, especially on smooth drum heads. But a soft wet sponge may be a...
  16. TonyVazquez

    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    Had an awesome rehearsal today! New songs are getting better. I usually don't leak new band stuff on line, especially to my local folks; but I'll make an exception this time to get some feedback if any, from members here. During the past 3 years since I joined my band I've learned their back...
  17. TonyVazquez

    A guitar flipping ethics/morals question.

    I flip stuff once in a while, to pay bills or to raise money for gear that I really really want. I prefer doing it that way rather than trading, and I'm not stressing my wallet when getting the gear I want. I price an item fairly so that I don't lose a chunk of what I paid for it, but I also...
  18. TonyVazquez

    Help Iding a Zildjian logo?

    I have zero knowledge of cymbal Eras and their production stamps. But I can see the stamp looks weak at the left of the "engraving" . My guess is that's probably a typical production line flaw, one cymbal got through and the stamper slipped. Other than that, I honestly don't understand what...
  19. TonyVazquez

    Cleaning drum heads

    I used to clean my heads during the first month since new out of box. After that, I let usage take its course. I get tired of being meticulous about new drum heads. Stains are easier to clean, but sticks will scuff and mark the head like they're meant to do that. Clear and smooth heads are...
  20. TonyVazquez

    Score Or Not

    Scored like a bandit! I like the combination of that wood with those cast hoops, that snare is gonna cut through the mix loud and clear!