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  1. ARGuy

    Has Evans resolved their “coating issue”

  2. ARGuy

    Remo Classic Fit or Aquarian American Vintage

    I had a Gretsch RB kit that neither of those heads fit right on. Evans heads did, so I used the UV1's.
  3. ARGuy

    What kind of batter head do you prefer on your snare drums, generally speaking?

    For the type of playing that I usually do, a single ply coated is my go-to head. Sometimes with a dot underneath, sometimes with an overtone ring, but almost never two ply. I don't play hard enough to need the durability, but I have used a Remo coated Vintage Ambassador a few times and it can...
  4. ARGuy

    NOS Supra shell project

    I was one of the forum members fortunate enough to get one of the NOS Supra shells that forum member mfry2112 posted about in a thread late last year: https://www.drumforum.org/threads/nos-supra-shells.204110/#post-2417584 I want to thank him for taking this on - it sounds like it may have...
  5. ARGuy

    Opinion on Attack Drumheads?

    I've used a lot of Attack heads over the last few years. They were originally distributed by Universal Percussion, but Cardinal Percussion took over the distribution and revamped the lines a few years ago. I tried the Proflex 2 heads and for me they were a little too heavy for general use. The...
  6. ARGuy

    Drum Stick Pricing, wow!

    What type of mallets? Mallets have always been much more expensive than drum sticks. For timpani mallets, $25-30 a pair is actually cheap. For keyboard mallets you can find student-grade unwound mallets for under $20, but for wound mallets that's pretty typical.
  7. ARGuy

    Date this vintage Musser xylophone

    I would guess the 70's. I went to a community college that had a xylophone that looked like that, and they got it new around that time.
  8. ARGuy

    OT: Movies/TV Show Reviews

    Even though it's been out for a couple of years, I just started watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It's absolutely amazing.
  9. ARGuy

    Removing vintage Luddy Tom muffler

    This is the way to do it! With the head off, tighten the knob far enough that the deformed threads are exposed, thread the tap onto the shaft, run it back and forth a couple of times and you can remove the muffler without chewing up the knob by using vice grips and ruining the threaded piece...
  10. ARGuy

    Controlling ring? or how to smother the life out of your drums?

    Probably true. What I find kind of sad is that he could have gotten that sound with a Percussion Plus kit.
  11. ARGuy

    High School Band Room Drum Set Cymbals

    I'm helping out a friend by playing in the pit orchestra for her high schools production of Newsies. The first rehearsal was in the band room, so I elected to use the schools drum set, but brought my own snare drum and cymbals. I used my snare drum, but the cymbals the school had were a pleasant...
  12. ARGuy

    Looks like Inde are designing a throne -- limited prototypes available now

    So, rounding up a little to make it ad friendly, $149.99? Aren't there already 10.5 pound collapsible drum thrones available?
  13. ARGuy

    Looks like Inde are designing a throne -- limited prototypes available now

    What did everyone that has taken issue with the price expect it to be priced at?
  14. ARGuy

    Does any custom stick companies offer nylon tips? Thinking of copying a few Regal Tip models

    Aren't you accessing this forum over the internet? Even if you're not comfortable sending payment over the internet, contacting him, getting him the specs for the stick and communicating back and forth over the internet is likely to be his preferred method of contact.
  15. ARGuy

    OT...Artic Blast hitting much of the US

    I'm in Minnesota. It's happened before and it will happen again. It's winter.
  16. ARGuy

    Parts Suppliers

    I think most are responding thinking you're building drums more as a hobby than a business.
  17. ARGuy

    Does drum wrap affect the sound of a drum?

    I would question it because wood is variable, and that variability could result in differences in sound. Do you dispute that?
  18. ARGuy

    Does drum wrap affect the sound of a drum?

    Apples and oranges. A wrap properly glued becomes like another ply. If you want to say that a 6 ply drum sounds slightly more open than a 7 ply drum, that I can buy.
  19. ARGuy

    Does drum wrap affect the sound of a drum?

    C Couldn't the difference in sound be due to differences in the wood used for the shells themselves? Even though they are identical sizes that doesn't necessarily mean that the shells themselves are identical in sound. It is wood, after all.