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  1. Malc

    A radical change in tuning

    Only one way to find out if it suits the sound your after I guess?
  2. Malc

    A radical change in tuning

    12- top 221.5 bottom 287 13- top 165.5 bottom 172 16- top 111.5 bottom 114.5 Drums are Premier Resonators.
  3. Malc

    A radical change in tuning

    This thread inspired me to try a different tom tuning for my stage kit, which has been stuck in the " flat rock" range forever. It's a standard 12/13/16 with EC2's over EC reso's, and for fellow tuneboters ( is that a thing?) I started with: 12- 110hz (A2) 13 - 92.5hz (F#2) 16 - 78hz (D#2)...
  4. Malc

    Do you put anything in your bass drum (pillow, towel, etc)?

    I use the same in my 18x24. Added to the Emad reso it's the best combo that I've found so far
  5. Malc

    Pimped Out PDP

    Yep, I like that and certainly an improvement in my eyes.
  6. Malc

    True or false: few things speak more volumes about a person without saying anything than a drummer’s personal setup.

    For me, anyone seeing my practice kit,set up at the back of my garage, would think I had been burgled overnight and the intruders had left a right mess. If you saw my kit at a gig, you'd just think I was broke. So to answer your question, I guess first impressions of seeing someone's gear can...
  7. Malc

    26” bass drum help

    With my 24x16 I used to run a PS3 batter with a standard reso with large centre port, which I struggled to get a sound I liked with. I now use an Emad2 with the small foam insert and an Emad reso with small offset port along with an Evans eq pad in the drum. This has now transformed my drum to...
  8. Malc

    When is one too old to be on stage ?

    For me the answer is 27. I didn't heed my own advice and am still playing out 23 years on!
  9. Malc

    Off-Label Use For Drum Accessories

    Many years ago I used an 18" Paiste china as a lightshade
  10. Malc

    Anyone use Evans G2's over EC reso's?

    The reso's are almost good as new with the batters a couple of gigs left in them. Food for thought though, thanks.
  11. Malc

    Benefits of drumming on your health

    For me the biggest benefit was for my mental health. Without either realising or more likely, actively ignoring it, I was slipping into depression a few years ago before finding the band I'm currently in. Just having time away from the stresses of "normal" life for a few hours a week...
  12. Malc

    Stage Presence

    The band I'm in currently really only amounts to 4 similar aged guys having fun playing out a couple of times a month, but we have discussed this very topic. We agree that some of what people come out for is what they see, so we like to set up as close to what we think a rock band should look...
  13. Malc

    Anyone use Evans G2's over EC reso's?

    Many thanks for the reply. As mine also have cast hoops, the overtones are fairly tame and maybe added to EC's top and bottom is what is stifling the drums? I dug them out this afternoon and tuned them slightly higher and with more sustain than usual which did bring some more liveliness back...
  14. Malc

    Anyone use Evans G2's over EC reso's?

    Last nights gig with my rock covers band revealed it's time to renew the tom heads (12,13,16) on my old Resonators, which are currently EC2's over EC reso's. As much as I initially liked that combo I'm now feeling that it's muffling the drums too much and am looking at replacing the batters with...
  15. Malc

    Arbiter Flats lite - partial kit - UK ( Bucks)

    NOT SOLD!! Looks like "Tony" the buyer is running a scam. Paid via paypal, arranged collection then said he can't collect and could I refund him. I was born at night, but not last night Why do people mess each other around? I've got too much to deal with at the moment to waste time on this...
  16. Malc

    What keeps YOU from commenting on posts?

    I don't post much due to previous attempts proving that very few people actually care what I have to say.
  17. Malc

    When would you not use vintage drums?

    I'm not convinced that my early 80's Premiers can be classed as vintage, but they still get gigged at least twice a month and appear to be holding up quite well. All the shells carry a number of battle scars but the chrome work still looks like new. I will add however that most of the stands...
  18. Malc

    Arbiter Flats lite - partial kit - UK ( Bucks)

    I've just found the original heads for the 10" and 12" toms, which will of course be included.
  19. Malc

    “Basic Snar Drum” for sale

    It's large, according to the ad !!