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  1. agogobil

    Rogers Swivomatic (first generation) pedal review

    thought I'd jump in since this is a fairly recent thread ... I'm re-habbing my 1st gen Swivo and wondering about the bushings on the heel hinge ... there's a bit of play side-to-side, and also slight play between the inside diameter of the bushing and outside diameter of the bolts. One of the...
  2. agogobil

    Snare Drum Tunung Fundamental Frequencies

    on a related tangent, how do they sound out front? ... is there a similar effect as with tuning toms, in that higher tones (to our ears behind the kit) sound lower out front? case in point: I assembled a snare that to me behind the kit sounded like crap. I'd bring it to rehearsals that I...
  3. agogobil

    What's Your Favorite Drum Tuning Key?

    G7 ... hit it, Jimmy!
  4. agogobil

    Do you as a drummer ask what key the song is in?

    only with new people or someone sitting in ... the regulars give me looks of serious disdain
  5. agogobil

    Groove ... a simple groove on the zabumba :)

    I am totally mesmerized by what this guy is doing ... raising the pitch with the beater, slapping accents with the "wand" (or whatever that is in his left hand)
  6. agogobil

    Not OT: Anita O'Day

    "Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer" DVD is out there. There is more of Poole's playing in it; he's fast enough not to be human.
  7. agogobil

    Ot St. Louis guys..finally our blues!!!

    It's about dam time! Many memories of "watching" their games on my little transistor pocket radio. So cool that they sold out the empty Enterprise Center AND got 25,000+ (last I heard) into the Cardinals' Busch Stadium (in the rain) to watch the away games ... all money going to charity.
  8. agogobil

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Whip its ass, indeed, Chris! POSITIVE VIBES TO YOU!
  9. agogobil

    Big Band Lovers ---- these are barely high school students!

    this was a great 2007 documentary about the competition:
  10. agogobil

    Stone Temple Pilots Drummer's New Set is Cardboard. Sounds Better Than Bubinga?

    Reports say that DW has been experimenting with old growth cardboard salvaged from an old Allied Van Lines warehouse in Belbrook, OH.
  11. agogobil

    WTF: Alphonse Mouzon and Dom Um Romao

    Definite difference between early and late with these folk ... I enjoy the early stuff (I Sing the Body Electric is such a trip along with Live in Tokyo) ... they got into a somewhat funk world groove with Sweetnighter and really opened up from there on ... always had some monsters on drums and...
  12. agogobil

    Peavey radial pro

    I have the RP 1000 series. They sound great but I wouldn't gig with them as they're heavy, but more importantly the shells - 1/10" thick - are too thin to risk banging around, IMO.
  13. agogobil

    OT: Your Favorite Live DVD?

    1st that came to mind was "Stop Making Sense" 2nd that comes to mind is Jethro Tull Isle of Wight 3rd ... does Zappa's "Baby Snakes" count? jeez, gotta mention "Last Waltz" ... honorable mention to Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks "Gypsy Caravan" is a culmination of a US tour by a group of Roma...
  14. agogobil

    What is this thing?

    That is a non-reversible tremie pipe to the differential girdlespring on the ‘up’ end of the grammeter on the Rockwell Retroencabulator ... probably early 80's model. Those were used to reduce sinusoidal depleneration. Don't ask me how I know this.
  15. agogobil

    Camber T-Tops

    The first time I supplied backline, I found that most drummers couldn't figure them out and wound up unscrewing them anyway. :) You might need some rubber tubing, as on some stands they don't screw all the way down the threads, leaving a gap.
  16. agogobil

    Favorite way to muffle a snare

    I used to use the tape like that (I saw the Paul Leim video). Recently I've been using this coated spring clamp since it's quick and easy on and off and I can change out a variety of material as a damper. Same principle, less sticky. I found them in the grocery store in the snack aisle, pkg...
  17. agogobil

    Drum sounds that you don't particularly like!

    Carl Palmer's zillion $$$ waste of space and stainless steel. That "little" Gretsch 5-pc sounded fine. Steve Gadd's boxes.
  18. agogobil

    Somewhat OT: Pete Barbutti

    for a second there I thought he was gonna be serious ...