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  1. Ickybaby

    OT: What games (video or other) do you play?

    Euchre or Scrabble
  2. Ickybaby

    OT Joke Thread

    I was going to share a joke about Jim Jones....but the punchline was too long.
  3. Ickybaby

    What kind of batter head do you prefer on your snare drums, generally speaking?

    Coated Ambassador....the cheddar cheese of drum heads. I'm a fan.
  4. Ickybaby

    Who makes the giantest cowbell?

    The Pearl Anarchy bell is low and bonky..... and it has spikes.
  5. Ickybaby

    Your weirdest quirk as a drimmer

    I have to have a clear path from my throne to off-stage. By that I mean there can be nothing obstructing the path; no cords, amps, effect pedals, drinks, girlfriends, etc....Nothing. Small venues do not change this mandate.
  6. Ickybaby

    Playing a double header next month

    I had a two-show day this past Saturday with the musical I'm playing for.....does that count? I've done lots of 2 gig days. Very few at the same venue though.
  7. Ickybaby

    Getting the big gigs

    I'm good, but I'm not "that good", not making it "big" good. Lot's of factors...discipline being one of them, reality playing a role too. No drive that would have me sleeping in vans or on floors....or whatever aspiring types do. But I had the drive for a steady paycheck that would allow me to...
  8. Ickybaby

    How much does your gear inform your playing?

    Yes. Fun book. It posed a couple challenges for me, I must admit. It was humbling. Happy to say we had 3 sold out shows that drove the crowd nuts. 5 more this weekend. All sold out.
  9. Ickybaby

    How much does your gear inform your playing?

    I'm living it right now. I typically play a 4pc with hats, 2 crashes, and a ride. For the next 2-1/2 weeks while playing for a musical pit orchestra I am playing; a 2up, 1 down 5pc kit with timbales added to the right over the floor tom, a repinique on a snare stand right to the left of my high...
  10. Ickybaby

    How well do you read (or are expected to read)?

    Being able to read just got me a paying gig for a theatre I've been trying to get a foot in the door at, so-to-speak. They don't hold auditions, it's all word-of-mouth and who you know. I finally know someone and 2 weeks ago I said "yes" to playing drum kit for a local theatre's production of...
  11. Ickybaby

    Drum Stick Pricing, wow!

    It's $32 now for those. I saw that just this past Friday....in your neck of the woods too I believe, at GC Davenport . I had time to kill before the Marie Osmond show. As lame as that GCwas.....it's better than Peoria's.
  12. Ickybaby

    5 records every drummer should know by heart

    Here are my pontifications on the subject…. 1. Briefcase Full of Blues-The Blues Brothers ( Young Steve Jordan full of “P $ vinegar” just smoking. Maybe some over playing but what an example of kicking a band in the backside!) 2. If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It- AC/DC ( Phil Rudd at his best...
  13. Ickybaby

    Opinions on drum set tambourines

    I've never tried what you show but I don't like any extras on the hi-hat rod. I've used a Rhythm Tech DST and always was happy with the performance of it....granted it means an extra stand or clamp....but I don't like extras on the pull rod.
  14. Ickybaby

    Faces to the names

  15. Ickybaby

    Faces to the names

    It’s cold here.
  16. Ickybaby

    Ludwig and Radio King find

    I got a lead on some drums from a coworker. It all came from the now disbanded Peoria Oriental Band, part of the local shrine. Most of what the guy had was garbage….3 really trashed Premier marching snares, beat up fiber cases missing latch/straps….but there was a 28x12” 3ply Ludwig with a funky...
  17. Ickybaby

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    Fantastic transaction with @scooter540. The snare was packaged beautifully and arrived in perfect shape.
  18. Ickybaby

    A new topic - The Frontman(woman)

    Lux Interior.
  19. Ickybaby

    School me on Slingerland

    I can tell you that a late 1970's set of chrome over wood trip toms is very heavy.
  20. Ickybaby

    Dixon seems to be pretty good now

    Maybe the universe is telling me something? Just today I got offered to do pit for "In the Heights" and you reply to my reply and you mention pit......if it ain't the universe it must be the GAS.