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  1. Guzowskip

    School me on Slingerland

    BTW, my first set of drums in HS was a MIJ Slingerland knock-off in red sparkle. They were pretty nice but I didn't know much about drum construction and tuning back then... they just worked for me at the time. My player's kit contains a 8x12 ride tom and 15x12 floor tom. Snare is a 5.5x14...
  2. Guzowskip

    School me on Slingerland

    I was given a 20" concert (marching?) tom which I converted into a kick drum. See my avatar. Gorgeous and sounds great. Paul in NW FL
  3. Guzowskip

    Good time to sell drums?

    Greetings and short (for me) response... 1. Regardless of what you paid for anything or how much you value something, it's only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.... It's their money after all. Supply and demand applies here, too. In this time of sky high inflation, people...
  4. Guzowskip

    are the 3000 & Dimensions Series similar at all?

    Greetings and happy new year to everyone here! I've always been a Zildjian guy but couldn't afford them when in HS. I believe my ride cymbal back then was a cheap Paiste and my hi-hats were no-name but cannot confirm. When I retired from my professional career and started drumming again, I...
  5. Guzowskip

    Good sturdy AND portable music stand?

    This is the one I have used very successfully. https://www.ebay.com/itm/393563269924?hash=item5ba232eb24:g:~MgAAOSwVdlhOxvy Paul in NW FL +1.850.218.5965
  6. Guzowskip

    Is Jazz drumming snobby?

    Interesting thread but I have to ask why even ask the question? Every genre of music requires a different drumming technique but none is any more or less important than any other, IMO. I was an untrained rock drummer (mostly a banger) and played a little country in HS. I'm most proud of the...
  7. Guzowskip

    What did Santa bring this year?

    Hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful Christmas/Hannukah. Nothing drum related new this year... I'm still trying to thin the herd, especially since I'm not playing out much anymore. Two restoration projects for 2023 are a vintage 20" Rogers WMP kick and a 1964 Ludwig 3-piece Club...
  8. Guzowskip

    70s Slingerland Bop kit

    Holiday Greetings to All! This is a very interesting thread, indeed. I'm not a Slingerland expert but am a former and current user so have some thoughts on them which I would like to offer. Bear with me it's a rather long post. My first drum kit in HS was a MIJ Slingerland knock-off in red...
  9. Guzowskip

    Drummers who play with their toms flat?

    Caveat up front: I don't have the many years of experience most on this forum sport. I'm just an average amateur drummer. I cut my teeth on a four piece and still prefer this setup for the kind of music I play today. Some points from my personal perspective: 1. Setups are highly personal...
  10. Guzowskip

    Hack for Ludwig Standard Tom holder?

    I have one of those double tom holders that was installed later on a 1964 Ludwig Club Date kit I am restoring. I have a similar issue with a 1969 Rogers kit I previously restored. I have two ideas to resolve the issue but both would require modifying the mount itself. The first idea would be...
  11. Guzowskip

    How Do You Figure Out What a Drum is Worth?

    In a free and open market, a commodity is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It's also a question of supply and demand. If supply is low and/or demand is high, prices will trend higher. Another thing to consider is condition. For example, some years ago I bought a...
  12. Guzowskip

    Poll: Vintage Drums vs Modern Drums

    IMO, the definition of vintage is so vague it's not very useful. Perhaps one might posit that if the kit is older than the owner it is "vintage".... I had a 40 year break in drumming while I pursued my professional career as a pilot and scientific analyst. Personally, I believe the defining...
  13. Guzowskip

    Buying a new drum set.

    Why go into debt? I paid cash for my first kit in the 60s.. took me almost a year of working as a restaurant busboy to do it but I did. I'm now in my sunset years but completely debt free. It's a liberating feeling. If you ever look at videos of Levon Helm with The Band, it's clear his...
  14. Guzowskip

    Piano Black vs Black Diamond Pearl

    Bottom Line Up Front: Who's forgetting Black Strata Pearl? I only had sparkle kits for a long time.... red sparkle Slingerland knock-off in HS, home-built but genuine red glitter-glass Slingerland player's kit (see profile photo), a big blue sparkle (spray not wrap) Sonor fusion kit. Several...
  15. Guzowskip

    Benefits of a smaller BD??

    Greetings fellow drum entusiasts! Interesting thread here. I played a 22" kick for rock in high school way back when but now play mostly a 20x12 Slingerland with my "small" kit (12, 15, 20). I normally play jazz, country, light pop, big band in smaller venues but have played rock with this...
  16. Guzowskip

    Light-weight Hardware

    DaveDrums.... I too got tired of hauling heavy hardware around for short, one-time gigs so was looking for a lighter option. A couple of years ago, my drummer buddy in Albuquerque (owns his own drum company) and I mused about designing a hardware line with carbon fiber tubes/legs much like...
  17. Guzowskip

    Worth having 2 kits ?

    Surely this is not a new opinion but for flexibility and time savings... Two... One set up at home for practice and one packed for load up when a gig pops up unexpectedly.... If one cannot afford two complete sets of cymbals, they are easy to swap back and forth.
  18. Guzowskip

    If you could only afford one quality section on your kit....

    Cymbals then heads. Even cheap drums can sound pretty good if tuned correctly but cheap cymbals always sound cheap, IMO.
  19. Guzowskip

    18” Depth Bass Drums. Your thoughts?

    I have/had kits with bass drums in depths from 12" to 18".... I think the ratio of width to depth is important... but my opinion. The only 18" deep bass I had was with a Sonor Force 3007 six-piece kit which I recently donated to the local high school's stage/jazz band. I liked playing that kit...
  20. Guzowskip

    Why do people play such bad Cymbals?

    Three points. 1. Spend 90% of the money on shells with hardware then find something with the last 10% for cymbals. 2. If one is a banger who routinely beaks cymbals, cheaper is cheaper... to heck with sound. 3. When I've moved from kit to kit, the thing that went with me was my cherished...