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  1. Thwack

    If Bonham was in Toto...

    Just the coolest thread ever.....
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    OT: March Madness

    Syracuse fan here. Amazing we made it to the Sweet 16. Let's go Orange!
  3. Thwack

    Beach Boy memouires

    Saw Mike Love at a concert last summer. The band was good, and he sang OK, but I think some may have been pre-recorded. He was very cordial and fun to the audience. Didn't hear anything bad from the back stage guys. I didn't read either book, so I can't help there. Take a look at this book...
  4. Thwack

    More Steve Jordan?

    I think it would be really fun to be able to play like that...
  5. Thwack

    Need monitor help/advice please

    Thanks for the replies. I am currently using my own powered monitor, but it's the mix. Some stuff isn't mic'd and he has a hard time getting what is mic'd into my monitor mix. His equipment is kind of older and not the best which doesn't help. I need a way to get everything into my monitor...
  6. Thwack

    Need monitor help/advice please

    When we play out, I always have a hard time hearing the band because our monitor situation sucks. Some of the instruments (keyboards) are not mic'd, and the guy that runs the PA and does the sound (a friend, band member and owner of the sound system so we're stuck with him) isn't too good at...
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    Question for the Gigging Guys and Gals - working snare

    Brass Pearl Sensitone
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    Ear Plug Advice Requested

    This is the correct answer. My best friend is an ENT doc. I asked him about this a long time ago, and he said I was nuts to use anything other than custom made plugs. I've used them ever since. I've personally done a lot of research on this and I think the Entymotic er-20 are the best of the...
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    Who would you like a Drum lesson with past or present

    I'd pick Morello, but pretty much anyone listed in this thread would be awesome.
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    OT: Gene Wilder RIP

    Sad day. One of my faves...
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    Loving this

    Commercial or not, I love it because the musicianship is excellent. And I like the song. Plus, I think that's an Acro. :happy7:
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    Loving this

  13. Thwack

    Safety first

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    Heads graduating in thickness with each drum?

    This is what I do on my DW Collectors. Sounds great.
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    My RE Introduction

    Welcome aboard! My wife is from Albany, we know the area well.
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    Hey All, I'll be gone for a couple of weeks on my bike ride

    Have a good ride! I don't know how you do it. I ride for an hour and I've got pain in areas I won't mention on a G rated internet forum. :laughing6:
  17. Thwack

    Shuffle (Purdie/Porcaro) ghost notes...

    An update- I've been working on the groove a little (not nearly enough) and it sure is tough for me. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I've made a little progress, but it's going to take a lot of work and a long time (maybe never) before it gets good enough to play it in front of anyone...
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    Shuffle (Purdie/Porcaro) ghost notes...

    Gregg Bissonette playing a pretty good Rosanna half time shuffle here (with Ringo "helping out"):
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    How Bad Was Your First Drum Set??

    Sears kit in blue sparkle, 1967. The drums served me well for several years. I still have the floor tom, which I recovered. I still use it on my beater kit. The cymbals were terrible, and eventually I upgraded my ride to a "Krut". The terrible pedal eventually broke and I bought my first decent...
  20. Thwack

    Using a drum dial

    I use my throne.