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  1. robthetimekeeper

    Who makes the giantest cowbell?

  2. robthetimekeeper

    I can’t stop watching this YT Short

    It's a Salsa cowbell with a candle on top for lighting his blunt.
  3. robthetimekeeper

    Tips for Mounting China Cymbals Upside Down

    I think it depends on the angle. I used to mount mine high and almost perpendicular to the floor. Now it is lower and flatter with just a slight bit of an angle in. I just use a big felt on the bottom and two felts on top. I leave it loose but not too loose. The springs do work. I've got some...
  4. robthetimekeeper

    Waaaaaay OT: Dungeons and Dragons

    I loved the 80's cartoon as a kid. I've recently started watching a new animated series based on D&D. It's called Vox Machina on Amazon Prime. It's not for kids.
  5. robthetimekeeper

    Waaaaaay OT: Dungeons and Dragons

    There hasn't been a good sword and sorcery movie since Your Highness!
  6. robthetimekeeper

    Who is using eBay for gear searches

    If I'm looking for something hard to find, I check the Facebook group for that brand. They all have groups you can join. Rogers, Slingerland, Zildjian, etc..
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    I checked out your channel but it was mostly chicken vids! I hope you are able to figure it out.
  8. robthetimekeeper

    Mike Bordin is an Animal...And Faith No More is Pretty Amazing too

    Puffy rules! My first concert was FNM, GNR, and Metallica on 9/2/92. The Real Thing is still in my top 5 favorite albums of all time!
  9. robthetimekeeper

    Any expected update or newer version of Roland's HPD-20 HandSonic?

    I called my local Guitar Center and Sam Ash to see if they had any in stock just so I could try one out. Apparently, they don't stock them. You have to buy one just to try it. They do give you 45 days to return it, but that's still a big investment and PITA for something I might not even like.
  10. robthetimekeeper

    Badly cracked high end splash cymbals

    Sorry, US48 only.
  11. robthetimekeeper

    Badly cracked high end splash cymbals

    Good for stacking or art project. $20 shipped each. Buy 3 get one free. US48 and PayPal G&S only. Thanks
  12. robthetimekeeper

    Rick Allen attacked in Florida

    I was born and raised in Florida. Lived here my entire life. Florida jokes don't bother me, I just don't find them funny. It's low hanging fruit. Not everyone from here is an idiot. It's hard sometimes living here amongst the natives, and even harder dealing with the transplants and tourists...
  13. robthetimekeeper

    WTB: Ludwig 60’s/70’s bass drum cymbal mount

    Any difference between this and a floor tom leg mount? I have several.
  14. robthetimekeeper

    Anyone ever remove coating from a head?

    You might be better off trying to trade them. I don't know of any way to remove the coating without damaging the heads.
  15. robthetimekeeper

    Best Bluetooth IEMs or Headphones Under $100

    Cool! I have one of these portable bluetooth speakers by the same company. It's quite rugged and sounds great!
  16. robthetimekeeper

    Best Bluetooth IEMs or Headphones Under $100

    Thanks. Had no idea this even existed.
  17. robthetimekeeper

    Best Bluetooth IEMs or Headphones Under $100

    I'm trading my ancient Samsung Note 9 for a New Samsung S23 ultra. Problem is that the new phone has no headphone jack, so I won't be able to use my Linsoul KZ10 Pros to play along with my drums anymore. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good wireless replacement? I'm just using these for...