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  1. JDZ

    1st Dynasonic

    Congrats! Great drum. I have one of the vintage dynas.
  2. JDZ

    You might have posted about Rogers a lot, but not me!

    The spur was indeed pretty funny. It had rusted in one pc. like it was in the titanic. Not even joking, this kit is loud! I have nothing in the bass and it booms! Dave All is well that ends well!
  3. JDZ

    You might have posted about Rogers a lot, but not me!

    Finally found the pic of my silver spkl kit. As you can see, they needed a lot of work and some parts.
  4. JDZ

    You might have posted about Rogers a lot, but not me!

    I have a WMP 22, a red kit and a silver 22-13-16. I also have a Cleveland BDP 24-13-16. Ka boom.
  5. JDZ

    questions about getting inlays into grooves of new bass drum hoops

    I used a band saw on some Rogers silver cut glass for inlays. I tried all kinds of blades and scissors, but none worked well. Damn! There is glass in there! Anyway, if you have access to one, I'm sure it would work on a regular wrap. Small teeth, high speed. Dave
  6. JDZ

    Interesting toy drum 1927

    So I did spot this on the wicker isle of Goodwill. After I saw the throw off I knew I had to take it home. You can never have too many wall hangers. Anyway, I knew I was going to end up detailing it and was quite surprised by the construction and the effort it took to make "almost" a drum. It...
  7. JDZ

    Friday Five-fer - Devo!

    Definitely my favorite!
  8. JDZ

    What would you pay…

    I have one on a B+B WMP kit. Darn. Pics "could not be written to the server." Administrator?
  9. JDZ

    Vintage Ludwig 14" FT too short

    If it's a matter of an inch or two, some of the rubber isolation floor tom feet will work. Dave
  10. JDZ

    Slingerland Capri Pearl

    Are those Rogers tall boys?
  11. JDZ

    I knew better but had to try.

    What is happening? https://www.ebay.com/itm/285083072028?hash=item426046761c:g:49sAAOSwg09jooVm
  12. JDZ

    Super OT I adopted an english bulldog

    I love the bulldogs! Walter is my second one. He is now almost 11 yrs old and is in great shape.
  13. JDZ

    Completed Cleveland-era Rogers kit!

    Great kit! Congrats.
  14. JDZ

    RIP, Killer

    This is too tough!
  15. JDZ

    RIP, Killer

    The king of rock and roll.
  16. JDZ

    Any drum shops or music stores in Cleveland?

    I play baseball with a bunch of +50 yr. old guys. We are playing a game Saturday at the new League Park fields and museum. I haven't been there yet but am excited about it. Babe Ruth played there with Cy Young and many other legends. Close to downtown at E66th...
  17. JDZ

    Bass Drum Reso Head

    I like a white smoothie ambassador. Great weight for a reso. I erase the remo logo easily and apply a vintage logo. Z
  18. JDZ

    Rogers cymbal arm types

    I This is the way I'd go. It's much easier to adjust your ride cymbal with the L arm. Plus, you wouldn't have to drill the larger hole to accept the hex rod. Dave
  19. JDZ

    Stone Master Model

    Beautiful drum! Congrats!