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  1. Targalx

    Yamaha Flying Dragon Direct Drive Value

    Yeah, I got used to the long board very quickly. I liked the FP-9 so much that I sold off (and am still selling off) all my previous pedals and bought two more FP-9s after the first one, so I had two FP-9s to bring to the gigs and one FP-9 for the DTX kit back at home. (And that way, I'm playing...
  2. Targalx

    Yamaha Flying Dragon Direct Drive Value

    Just sold mine a few months ago for $90, which I thought was a good deal for the buyer and a fair price for me. The Flying Dragon is a really great pedal, but I bought three Yamaha FP-9s over the past couple years in the name of pedal parity, so I didn't need any more of my previous pedals.
  3. Targalx


    No need to edit or cross that one out! I love the original Yamaha Beech Custom kits so much, I have two of the same kit in the same color of Blueberry (one is 12/14/20 and the other is 13/16/22). They are tremendous "sleeper" kits that people either forget or don't know about at all. I also have...
  4. Targalx

    Yamaha RC

    I feel the same way, ha! But yeah, my Maple Custom bass drum just doesn't compare to my Maple Custom Absolute bass drum or my even my Beech Custom kick. I can't figure it out either, because I know other people who swear by them as great kick drums. Maybe you and I are doing it wrong...? Of...
  5. Targalx

    Jerry Shirley talking drumming for Syd

    Yes, FASTWAY! That's where I know Jerry Shirley from. That Fastway self-titled LP (with the checkerboard cover) seems to be rather influenced by Led Zeppelin. Jerry's drum sounds (and even bits of his performance) seem quite Bonzo-esque to my ears. The singer, Dave King (current singer of...
  6. Targalx

    Yamaha RC

    Are the '80s pre-YESS RCs considered more desirable these days than the '90s YESS-era RCs? Or are they both going for about the same price? I paid $1000 for my '90s RC (YESS) with a 12x10" rack, 14x14 floor (legs) and 22x16 kick. I am guessing I could get the same, if not a little more these...
  7. Targalx

    How do you inventory your collections

    I did the exact same thing as what everyone has said -- an Excel spreadsheet -- but I also included a column with serial numbers of each item. Might need it if something gets stolen or otherwise goes missing.
  8. Targalx

    Camco Bass Drum Pedal

    What are the original Tama Camcos worth now? I've got one sitting around somewhere. Haven't used it in ages.
  9. Targalx

    Playing a terrible house kit at the venue

    I've played a few gigs recently where I've been using the house kit at the venue. While it's nice not having to drag my entire kit out to every gig, it's also reminded me that most house kits I've played are not very well maintained because the venue doesn't care and/or they aren't drummers, so...
  10. Targalx

    Some Yamaha news...

    Yeah, I am on the fence about getting a set of new AHMs given my current Yamaha collection of 9 kits. (Plus, I have two Tama kits and a Yamaha DTX kit.) I am very quickly running out of places to put kits in this house. But I do absolutely love that green sparkle finish (I believe that was one...
  11. Targalx

    New Yamaha stage custom

    That's why the Ferrari lives covered in the garage while the Ford gets daily driven! I have Yamaha's top of the line kit (the PHX), yet I gig most often with my Stage Custom Birch bop kit or a used Beech Custom kit that's quite beat up and was super cheap! Never afraid to take those kits to...
  12. Targalx

    Degenerative osteoarthrosis

    I am not what I'd deem as old (in my mid-40s) and I bought what will likely be my last stick shift car, a GTI, in 2017. I loved my GTI 6-speed, but two years later, I was doing regular medium-distance bike rides (about 20 miles a night, 4 nights a week) and blew out my left knee. Didn't require...
  13. Targalx

    Made In Japan drums: What does this really mean?

    I own over a dozen Fender guitars, a mix of US-, Japan- and Mexico-made models. My favorites are from the Ensenada factory. The gap in quality between Mexico to Japan, or Mexico to even US, is really quite narrow. I have US-made Strat and Tele models that are each worth well over $1,000. What...
  14. Targalx

    Made In Japan drums: What does this really mean?

    Hi Elvis, this is an excerpt of what you said that I was agreeing with: The Japanese saw an opportunity and latched onto it. They poured out instruments by the millions, but because the manufacturing had yet to catch up to producing at that level, the QC became looser and not all the kits were...
  15. Targalx

    Made In Japan drums: What does this really mean?

    My first kit was a MIJ stencil-era kit from the late 1960s. I bought it in 1984 for $50 at a garage sale. It was not a good or valuable drumset in 1984, and I wouldn't consider it any better or more valuable in 2022. In my eyes, it's still only worth $50 today, though it looks like Reverb...
  16. Targalx

    Lightweight but stable hardware.

    I know you don't like the Crosstown. No problem. Here's the answer: Yamaha CS650A: https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/products/yamaha-cs650a-light-weight-single-braced-straight-cymbal-6186 Light Weight Single Braced Straight Cymbal Stand
  17. Targalx

    The Yamaha Jade Green Sparkle Lacquer AHM Hangout

    I love it. Hoping to get an AHM in that exact finish as my next kit. Not quite there yet, as I have to make room for another kit in the collection by raising some funds from selling some drums. But hopefully sometime in 2023. Mine won't be a "monster" kit like this — probably my standard setup...
  18. Targalx

    Yamaha metal snares how do you rate them?

    Yes, that BRASS snare (in all caps per the badge!) was great. I felt like the SD-2076 did a better job as a live snare than a studio snare. I did record an entire album with it, and it was fine, but perhaps a bit dry looking back on it. Might also have been my head choice, but it wasn't an...
  19. Targalx

    Yamaha metal snares how do you rate them?

    I totally get it, as I totally hated the STEEL badge, too. I did an album photo shoot with me behind the kit with the snare, and I put a piece of black tape over it, so it only said "Yamaha." But, I once owned an SD-2076 much like this SD-2075B, and it was very good. Not Ludwig seamless brass...
  20. Targalx

    Yamaha metal snares how do you rate them?

    This is the correct answer. The SD-495 14x5" seamless brass snare has replaced just about every other snare in my collection for rock drumming. I bought a second one as a backup for gigs. It replaced my Ludwig LB-400B and DW Maple Satin Oil as my former primary snares. Never thought I'd see...