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  1. drumsforme

    Sweetwater Gear Exchange

    I have been very successful selling on here. Everything I've ever listed has sold. Correct about the pricing factor. When I list something it is always at a very reasonable price for the buyer. I think that certainly helps
  2. drumsforme

    1967 Ludwig 20-12-14 BDP

    1966 Club Date...20,14,12= Rewrapped two years ago-No holes-No other mods
  3. drumsforme

    Nice Slingerland late 50's Radio King snare drum "project"

    Nice drum shell, but that muffler knob location is killing me.......
  4. drumsforme

    Pearl Mid 80's Drum Shell Identification

    Bought this kit off a widow whose 76 year old drumming husband had passed just recently, It seems to be a mid 80's MX but has rerings and looks like custom done gun metal on the lugs. I am not aware of MLX having rerings as I already have a later 1990 MLX kit that has 6 ply 7,5 mm straight...
  5. drumsforme

    Rare Premier snare drum.

    Outstanding !
  6. drumsforme

    Gretsch snare drum ID needed

    Early Catalina Club. Made in China, Phillipine Mahogony, 1.6mm hoops. Approx. $150
  7. drumsforme

    Rhythm Tech active snare system

    They haven't been made for several years now.....
  8. drumsforme

    Remo Classic or Aquarian Vintage? Which is larger?

    The Remo classic fit is the only head that works on my '62 Gretsch. Before that- I had to cut 4 notches in the flesh hoop of each head
  9. drumsforme

    You might have posted about Rogers a lot, but not me!

    1965- All Covington with paper tags except for the 9x13 which is early Fullerton
  10. drumsforme

    Today’s score — trunk o’ tubs ‘n pies

    Great pickup....still waiting for opportunities like this. Life is good....Enjoy!
  11. drumsforme

    Faces to the names

    Been playing since 1966. Still play throughout South Florida......
  12. drumsforme

    Need Drum Wrap Help

    Thanks- just sent them an email with the image attched.
  13. drumsforme

    Need Drum Wrap Help

    Just picked up a 1967 Ludwig Jazzette Bass drum and Tom wrapped in this what looks to be a light Beige Birdseye Maple wrap.....I looked on Precision Drum and Jammin' Sams and was not able to locate it. Even tried Google Image and came up empty handed. The owner is deceased, so there is no info...
  14. drumsforme

    Guitar center

    I've noticed for a long time. Best bet is to call the store and speak to someone before ordering. I made the mistake of not doing that one time and had to return the item. Now I call first.
  15. drumsforme

    Do you have “Rock Stars” from your area that show up to play at local gigs in cover bands?

    Oteil Burbridge- Bass player for Dead and Company, Allman Bros., Tedeschi-Trucks Band - incredible player plays will show up and sit in or play full sets with the top Grateful Dead, Allman Bros and Jam cover bands in the South Florida Tri County Area.....he resides down here.
  16. drumsforme

    SOLD !- Ludwig Club Date 1960's Floor Tom Drum Legs

    1960's vintage chrome plated Ludwig Straight floor tom legs. This is for a set of three. Measure 17" long and 9.5mm around. They show some signs of use with scratches, pitting, and rust.. includes feet. $199 for DFO members plus acutual shipping...
  17. drumsforme

    Floor tom compromise on a brand new kit

    I would prefer the 14x16" as well- better response and easier to tune. I have that size on my Brooklyn kit.
  18. drumsforme

    RIP Butch Miles

    Very sad....Very big fan here
  19. drumsforme

    Pearl Studio Session Classic 12x8" Tom-Birch/Kapur

    Pearl Studio Session Classic 12x8" Tom-Birch/Kapur. Used twice in studio- Immaculate. Sequoia Red. Looks and sounds great. $179. for DFO members plus shipping. https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/msg/d/fort-lauderdale-pearl-session-studio/7584800697.html