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  1. FloydZKing

    New TTO - Drowning

    Keys, bass, ukes, dulcimer, vibes, tympani etc.
  2. FloydZKing

    Drum Cases That Aren't Drum Cases

    Yepper, that's the one! I've found them over the years at flea markets etc. Built light, just heavy enough and no more. I buy these whether I need them or not because there's always a bud needing one.
  3. FloydZKing

    Cut-a-ways, Power Wedge, North, Sound Projectors - What's the Scoop?

    I have a 20" Staccato BD in this design. It skews low in pitch but otherwise sounds like most other single-headed BDs.
  4. FloydZKing

    Carbon fiber/Kevlar Ming Composite 14x5.5” snare

    I think a lot of people thought the ebay blow-out prices were the regular prices. Some thought they were incredible for $100-$150, others assumed they were just cheap drums. (I guess I'm assuming a lot here about what others thought, probably too much.) In reality, Ming were (and Mair are)...
  5. FloydZKing

    2 Ludwig bow tie lugs

    Do you think these will work? One of them is missing the two swivel nuts and spring.
  6. FloydZKing

    Carbon fiber/Kevlar Ming Composite 14x5.5” snare

    Yes, Pearl did make Factory fiberglass snare drums. Also worth mentioning, I think some people got the wrong idea about these drums due to the blowout pricing. Some thought they were just cheap drums, others thought that they were miracles of economy at that price. Neither was the case.
  7. FloydZKing

    Tough Choice: Red Silk Onyx OR Fiesta Pearl

    Yer all nuts - Fiesta Pearl!
  8. FloydZKing


    I have one from the MusicYo era - don't know if it's the same or desirable - just came on the drum. The adjustment knob is bent, so I swapped it out. LMK if you want it.
  9. FloydZKing

    TTO - Do What You Wanta

    Yamaha 8000 with a SlingerYo snare, plus the usual etc.
  10. FloydZKing

    Dixon seems to be pretty good now

    I think a lot of the things we assume to be true about brand reputation and naming reflect a fading boomer mentality. It's been 40+ years since most drum brands started stratifying their lines. I think that most of the people who still think like that have always thought like that, and it's more...
  11. FloydZKing

    Crosby getting into it with Byrds drummer Michael Clarke

    Gary Usher wants a shuffling jazz-WALTZ in a 4/4 tune. Am guessing that's not really what he means. Yikes.
  12. FloydZKing

    TTO - Hit the Wall

    Covering Daring Dan Hutton's 1966 composition. Last month TTO did Tim Hardin's Hang On To a Dream , which was the A-side of a 1966 Hutton single on MGM. Here is its B-side. A friendly go, no rights implied. Recorded 1/23 in Athens, GA. Big Blaemire set w/ Ludwig LM306, P-Bass, ukes, lap steel...
  13. FloydZKing

    My step-dad said I had my kit set up wrong. Should I take that as gospel?

    Jeez... He does have a point - but this discussion is goofy. TRY it and learn for yourself. Your preference is all that matters here.
  14. FloydZKing

    Selling my first kit: someone else’s $450 haul

    Measure it with your 20" cymbal!
  15. FloydZKing

    Looking for… a bass!

    I have this bass too. Great value, sounds like the real thing when you record it.
  16. FloydZKing

    TTO - Christmas Must Be Tonight

    Thanks for listening, Charles. I use a Tascam DP32, which has 8 channels for tracking plus 12 stereo tracks to mix onto. I use the same method we did in analog days, no plug-ins or PC anything. This was a quick and dirty one knocked up in 2 days using my usual mix of ukuleles, keyboards and...
  17. FloydZKing

    TTO - Christmas Must Be Tonight

  18. FloydZKing

    I knew better but had to try.

    She's mint bud!
  19. FloydZKing

    TTO - How Can We Hang on to a Dream

    Covering Tim Hardin's 1966 composition. Yamaha 8000s with SlingerYo snare, bass, keys, uke etc.