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  1. Lazmo

    Calling Aussie drummers

    Here ya go... a proper World Map
  2. Lazmo

    Roland TD-07 KVX

    Yes, good news is that the amp has an aux-in. Keen to hear how it sounds.
  3. Lazmo

    Calling Aussie drummers

    Sorry, I can't help you. The only drum gear I've ever imported into Oz, was from Tempus in Canada... and Paul arranged it all, and they all arrived in tip top shape.
  4. Lazmo

    Roland TD-07 KVX

    The Valvetronics is a guitar amplifier and its inputs are expecting a high impedance low output signal from a guitar. Your eKit will be outputting a line level signal, so will not sound good going into the input of your guitar amp. You could build a pad cable, but yeah nah. If it has Line Out /...
  5. Lazmo

    Roland TD-07 KVX

    What sort of Vox amp?
  6. Lazmo

    Had to post. Sparkle snare drums.

    Tempus 14 x 6.5 fibreglass 8 lug... my go to
  7. Lazmo

    Window Soundproofing Project

    Not that I’m dissing poplar, but maybe maple or mahogany would have given you more of a classic window noise reduction tone vibe.
  8. Lazmo

    The Top Five ! (Crash cymbals)

    Everyone seems to like bigger crashes, but I'm the opposite, I like medium thin 16" crashes... I like them to be over and done with quickly. My two current favourites are a Paiste Dimensions and a Bosphorus Traditional.
  9. Lazmo

    That was nice Dad…

    Hey Bun, that would have been cool. Amazing how long they’ve been together. With my first band, back in the 70’s, about a third of our list was Status Quo stuff. So, important question here…. did they have a travelling secret stash of spare telecasters and sneakers? Tonight in their honour...
  10. Lazmo

    That was nice Dad…

    Tonight, in my music room, I was playing electric guitar through my looper. Did a few different progressions, in various keys… playing the rhythm form, then riffing over the top of it, then lay down a solo, and then grab the P bass and give it all some bottom. Nothing outrageous, but nice clean...
  11. Lazmo

    Audio Speakers or Studio Monitors for Practice Room?

    Thanks Pibroch for the suggestion… duh, no idea why it never occurred to me. I have the mixing desk next to my floor tom, and it does indeed have a “phones” level control, so it was easy to tweak it so the music was about the same level as what was bleeding into the cans, just adding some...
  12. Lazmo

    Audio Speakers or Studio Monitors for Practice Room?

    Ok, why not? A good idea… the desk has headphones out. I’ll try it. Hopefully I can adjust the headphone level, while still maintaining a nice even balance between the music playback, the miced bass drum and the acoustic drums… I’m still keen for my Wife to enjoy it. But honestly, since micing...
  13. Lazmo

    Another "Happy Place" ...

    Excellent... Very sad about the guitar player, a very tasty player and looks young and fit... :-( I liked your audience interaction at 6:42... you crowd pleaser. I've been to Thailand many times, but have never been to Pattaya.
  14. Lazmo

    Audio Speakers or Studio Monitors for Practice Room?

    I agree… if you not going to use headphones, use PA speakers. PA speakers, while not audiophile quality, will handle the sound pressure levels required to sit correctly with a drum kit, and in doing so, will sound balanced and great. I use a PA to play drums to, not for me, but for my wife. If...
  15. Lazmo

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    I haven’t gigged since moving down the coast. Too many other things to sort out at the moment, to bother with trying to hook up with likeminded potential band mates. But I surely miss playing live. So when ex-bandmates visit, or stay over, it is a blast to rock out. This is actually my office.
  16. Lazmo

    Is the Nintendo 64 an instrument?

    Putting up a game with a fantastic soundtrack, to me would not count to an N64 being an instrument, but you on your lonesome making some pretty sweet music with one, that would surely qualify.
  17. Lazmo

    What is the most barebones drumset you could play live and still be happy?

    A four piece for me is ideal, but have done many many gigs with a bikini kit... Though I do cheat a bit with my bikini kit, as I use a double pedal, which just means I can make some tom like rolling thunder with the bass-drum to offset the lack of toms.
  18. Lazmo

    Iyo who is the best bass player?

    Why is “best” anything… bass player, guitarist, drummer, keys, vocalist… whatever… even a thing? How is BEST determined? It’s music… art, NOT a race, not the fastest, not the most outrageous, or the most outloundish, it’s art. Who gives a flying …. if they are setting new boundaries...
  19. Lazmo

    Carter having a Quiet Time to Think Things Over.....

    What I’d give to have the ideas…
  20. Lazmo

    Perils of gigging for weekend warriors list

    The dreaded “sitting in” tambourine player/s. I was the house drummer for a mates very popular open mic. If someone sat in on my kit, I would usually play guitar. Every Sunday evening, quite local to home and a very fun gig, with some amazing people doing their musical thing… and all good for...