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  1. JazzyJeff

    OT: Lost My Cat Today

    My deepest sympathies. Pets add so much to our lives. Including the heartache when they leave.
  2. JazzyJeff

    Back in the Gretsch fold again!

    Gorgeous! Congratulations! I sooooo need a set of green drums….
  3. JazzyJeff

    DW5000 single pedal for JoJo Standard Perfect Balance

    I have a gently used DW5000 single pedal, newer style with the floating bass hoop clamp rig. Looking for the standard version of the JoJo Standard Perfect Balance pedal is similar condition. Continental US swap only please. Thanks!
  4. JazzyJeff

    Crosstown Snare Stand for Tom

    I choose not too. I’ve used the Crosstown a couple of times and was always uncomfortable with the seeming lack of stability. So, all my hardware is light except for my throne base and Tom stand (DW9000 hydraulic).
  5. JazzyJeff

    No Surprise: Josh Freese Announced as Foo Fighters Live Drummer.

    Love this fit. Sounds great! My wife, who has no musical sensibilities, but is a huge fan of the Foos heard it from across the room and said, “the band sounds different.” I agreed with her. It’ll never sound as it used to, but they still sound excellent.
  6. JazzyJeff

    Why don't you like my black drums?

    Black is all class!
  7. JazzyJeff

    Phattie Bop Kit

    Periodic bump. Trades and offers considered.
  8. JazzyJeff

    Sharpening my Uber skills today! Cool pick up today

    I’d greet him by saying, “Wow, it’s not everyday you meet a world class musician from the band Styx!!! Welcome to San Fran Tommy!”
  9. JazzyJeff

    Help me to get my drummer playing way softer

    I’d record a rehearsal letting him play how he wants. Then, play the recording back to him. If he can’t hear what’s wrong, it’s time to cut bait and bring in someone new.
  10. JazzyJeff

    OT - A&H digital mixers

    Per chance, anyone here have any experience with the Allen & Heath Qu-16 or Qu SB? I’m going to be ordering one of them to replace my MixWizard 16:2 and am interested in good or bad experiences. Thanks!
  11. JazzyJeff

    New to me drums

    Functional art, congratulations!
  12. JazzyJeff

    Phattie Bop Kit

    Bump. Offers considered.
  13. JazzyJeff

    Stones, Charlie, Sympathy for…1968

    Honestly, I’m surprised the others didn’t tell Charlie to bugger off and call Purdie! Some of that was painful!
  14. JazzyJeff

    So last night I met...

    What a job perk! Need to have spare drum head around for an autograph…
  15. JazzyJeff

    Phattie Bop Kit

    Bump. I’ll also do $550 for the 3 piece shell pack (without snare). Might consider shipping if there is interest. Let me know and we can discuss.
  16. JazzyJeff

    Paiste 15” Giant Beat SE hats

    Not sure how rare these are, but worth an inquiry. Anyone have 15” Giant Beat Sound Edge hats that they’d like to turn into cash?
  17. JazzyJeff

    Being micro-managed by another band member

    I'd talk to your buddy and ask him what the deal might have been. Likely something else going on that you're not aware of. Are you playing music that has specific drum parts that key changes within songs (jazz, Rush, etc)? If not, and it's the typical 2 & 4 money beat stuff, the leader has...
  18. JazzyJeff

    Early Dunnett Titainium Snare Drums

    My oldest Dunnett titanium is from 2008, my newest is from February 2023. Both sound awesome. The newer snare has updated innovations with the strainer and butt as well as the hypervent screw. Both shells are perfect. My guess is that you’re asking about the older ones that have the etched or...
  19. JazzyJeff

    Best one-named song

  20. JazzyJeff

    Phattie Bop Kit

    Bumping this 4 piece kit up. Happy to answer questions and/ or provide more photos.