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    Sonor help

    Definitely a nice series for the price. I had a safari kit that I gigged prior to the pandemic. $800 isn't a bad deal but the market is soft so you might be able to get for a bit less. I don't think you'd be disappointed.
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    FS: LM402

    Is there a 402 for sale? I'm not seeing anything other than a description. Any pics? Thanks!
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    Flat Base Cymbal stands

    I'm thinking of moving to Yamaha Crosstown from the DW UL just because the challenge of positioning the flat-based stands versus tripod. But the DW UL is great for an aging player. Never had an issue with stability though though I'm not a hard hitter. I still think placing the legs properly...
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    Show your Champagne Sparkles.

    My Club Dates...
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    SOLD - Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22" Ride

    Here's a link to an audio recording ...
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    SOLD - Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22" Ride

    Hi, I am the original owner of this cymbal. It has only stayed in my drum studio and is in excellent condition! There is a small amount of patina. The edges are smooth. It's a nice warm, dark sound weighing in at 2277 grams. Sorry I don't have audio. I will sell for $450 shipped in...
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    Ottaviano 20 inch Tribute Ride !

    My apologies but am confused about Retail Row versus the cymbals for sale section. Is this for sale at a store or a private sale?
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    Professional, custom, and artist cymbals.

    Any sound files?
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    My Drumstick Journey...

    Great topic! I was actually thinking about this just yesterday to see what sticks jazz players find help get the best rebound for fast tempo playing? I'm currently using VF AJ3 ... also like John Riley's sig stick. I definitely need to experiment with other options.
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    Help ID Yamaha Snare

    Here's one for sale for $300... Used rare Yamaha SD2465 Steel Snare Drum - Made in Japan – 247drums Not sure it's worth that ...
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    Help ID Yamaha Snare

    It's 1.2 mm steel shell w/ 1.2 mm hoops... it's quite lively! It seems to date from ~2011 or so. Yamaha Metal Snare Series SD-2465 14-Inch Steel Snare Drum - Chrome Plated: Musical Instruments
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    Help ID Yamaha Snare

    Okay, I've found info on it... never mind....
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    Help ID Yamaha Snare

    Hi, I'd appreciate any help identifying this snare. I can't find any model # to ID it. it's a 10-lug 6.5x14" snare... I believe it's steel. It's MIJ and not marked as Stage Custom so I presume it preceded that series? Anyone know date this particular badge was used? I appreciate any...
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    Thoughts on a Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch 16/10/13 shell pack?

    I had Sonor AQ2 Safari in those sizes and it worked great!
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    Drum Bearing Edge Conditioner

    Is there reason to use anything? Do drum manufacturers recommend applying anything to the bearing edges? I have never used anything so am curious what others do and why?
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    Sticks (again): Which brand is the best (i.e., consistently well-finished, durable, straight)?

    Bopworks are really nice! Great for jazz... the consistency is excellent and the feel is great!
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    Storing your cymbals

    I don't think it's a bad thing... while I don't have 240 cymbals, I've collected enough that they were all over the place or stacked such that it was a pain to locate a particular cymbal. I've seen some great ideas for storing and accessibility.
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    Listing Items for Sale minimum post requirement question

    Hi, I've enjoyed the forum and have purchased items from members. I would like to post items for sale but see I have to have a minimum of 50 posts. I can continue to use Reverb but prefer this forum since I've had good luck buying items. Are these 50 new posts or replies to other posts? I...