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  1. dboomer

    Why B-Stock?

    You can certainly vote with your dollars. But I can tell you working for two major MI manufacturers that almost all of their B stock is simply gear that has been on display at trade shows.
  2. dboomer

    Spare kick pedal or extra spring?

    Agreed. But now that I am using the amazing Drumnetics pedal (magnets) I don’t have to worry about it. Someone pointed out that you can use rubber bands in place of springs. I tried it out and it works great if you get a few heavy duty rubber bands. My favs are the ones they put on...
  3. dboomer

    Marvin Gaye Ed Sheeran lawsuit...

    So if I write new lyrics and a different melody but use Keith’s fuzz riff over and over you wouldn’t consider I was ripping him off? I’ll bet if you ask people on the street to sing satisfaction more people could sing the lick than the words
  4. dboomer

    Marvin Gaye Ed Sheeran lawsuit...

    I agree. I think the laws were written way back at a time when lyrics and melody were all that really mattered. But starting with the rock era riffs were maybe more important than lyrics and melody. Keith’s riff in “Satisfaction” is much more important to that song than the lyrics or the melody.
  5. dboomer

    Paiste flat ride

    That’s what first got my attention. Hearing him on some Pat M recordings and saying to myself “wow, I can finally hear each individual stick strike”. i grew up with Zildjian “Ringo rides”. By the time you'd hit the cymbal 3 times it just became wash for the rest of the tune ;) I have a...
  6. dboomer

    Paiste flat ride

    You might also look into the new Master’s series flats. I traded in my 20” Signature flat for a 22” Master’s and haven’t looked back. It is a bit less washy than the Signature and has a much more woody stick sound than my 18” 602 (so I use both of them on gigs)
  7. dboomer

    Bass Drum Internal Mic Mount recommendations

    So I’ve never actually tested it, so I’m just asking the question … but I wonder if that handling noise isn’t a benefit sometimes being that it would mostly consist of the resonate frequency of the bass drum? That might be very similar to sticking a subkick mic/drum in front of your bass drum...
  8. dboomer

    How close to the bass drum do you sit, or, does your snare overhang your bass drum?

    Funny how we all do it differently. For me, my rack Tom overhangs my bass drum by an inch or two so my snare ends up a couple of inches away from the kick.
  9. dboomer

    E-Drum Sound Through Speakers, and Other Old Person Stuff

    Your headphone output and your mains outputs should be the same signal (with maybe a difference in level but not sound quality). Getting a great quality sound from electronic drums requires a really big, high quality playback system that can handle a high dynamic range.
  10. dboomer

    Will a Sonor slotted key work on Premier Slotted lugs?

    If the Sonor keys are too thick it is easy to modify them. Just give the ring a little squeeze and it comes right off. Grind down the flat a bit and then squeeze the ring back on. The photo is the mod I did to make it work with Trixon.
  11. dboomer

    WTB: Ahead Armor 13” tom bag

    Looking for an Ahead Armor AR5013 9” deep x 13” diameter tom bag. Thanks
  12. dboomer

    Why aren't custom Cymbalsmiths making Paiste style cymbals?

    Maybe some of them are. I have a Bettis 20” flat ride that is very much 602 inspired.
  13. dboomer

    Why are there so few drumhead manufacturers?

    Probably because no one sees an unanswered need that could be filled at a price a sizable market would pay for it.
  14. dboomer

    Flat rides - Who's got 'em, loves 'em or hates 'em

    This is a very rare cymbal and I suspect most have never had the opportunity to play one. Mine is much heavier than the one in the video (almost 3000g). It is much louder than my other flats (18” 602, 22” Masters dark, Bettis 20”). If you are looking for a loud 602, this is it.
  15. dboomer

    Best Dye Stains for Maple Snare Shells?

    Analine die/stains are the richest of all. But they are the hardest to work with.
  16. dboomer

    What a Difference a Hoop Makes

    I guess you either like “that great Gretsch sound” or you don’t ;)
  17. dboomer

    Understanding Projection - Shell Construction

    We have a winner … no more calls! That stiffness is a result of the wood species AND shell stiffness, shell construction, hardware, rims and heads. So a wood species by itself can sound a lot of different ways.
  18. dboomer

    Controlling ring? or how to smother the life out of your drums?

    Playing someone else’s drum kit is like wearing someone else’s underwear.
  19. dboomer

    Hardware suggestions for 20, and 22” rides on top of each other in the normal right hand ride position

    I’d sure like to see a photo of that setup when you get a chance.
  20. dboomer

    Wrapping a kit without glue?

    While I have never personally done it with tape, I am reminded of those old Pearl Export kits once they sat out in the sun or a hot car. Bubble, bubble, bubble ;)