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  1. redbeard

    Tandem Drums Drops?

    Keep getting adds for a new kickstarter for Tandem Drums Drops. Seems like a "wallet" style moongel type tone/ring control. Does anyone here have any knowledge or experience with these?
  2. redbeard

    Zildjian K/Z Combo

    For me back in the early to mid 90's THE hat combo that you had to have was the K/Z combo. Does anyone still play on these?
  3. redbeard

    Changing snare tunings

    How often do you change the tuning of your snare? Or your kit for that matter? Over the decades I've "locked" into my desired sounds and really have just 2 snare sounds that I love. So I have 2 snares. Once I put on a new head and tune it up I leave it there. I keep hearing about the great...
  4. redbeard

    The Tama thread

    Doing a usual random Tama snare search and came across a quick mention of the Tama Gibralter snare. Tried to get more info but the internet failed me. What exactly was this model? Was it an Artstar model? One I saw was a super thick wooden shell with die casts and the early 80s style strainer.
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  6. redbeard

    Weathermaster coating issues

    Has anyone noticed an issue with the coating on Ludwig Weathermaster Heavy batter heads flaking really quickly? I'm on my 2nd head and having the same issue. I don't play all that much anymore so it may have a total of 10 hours on it. I'm not a heavy hitter and at $40 a pop this shouldn't...
  7. redbeard

    New Metallica Album and Tour Announced

    I went to the Met Life stadium website to see what the seating chart would be and it had a link to ticketmaster for tickets. I'm only assuming that these tickets are being sold by the owners of the boxes/suites knowing they can buy the tickets once they go on sale. Kind of a pre-sale for tickets...
  8. redbeard

    New Metallica Album and Tour Announced

    If you a have a few bucks laying around you can buy tickets right now.
  9. redbeard

    OT It's almost September; time to talk about the baseball postseason

    lossforgain I am in Philly sports hog heaven.
  10. redbeard

    Critic in the house

    It would appear out fur baby, Sasha, is not my biggest fan.
  11. redbeard

    Give away

  12. redbeard

    OT: E-Bike

    Mine was expensive as I need a bike that can support my weight. It has 5 levels of assist and can be turned off completely turning it into a standard pedal bike. It is considerably heavier than most bikes due to the weight of the battery and heavy-duty frame/wheels. Just like anything else the...
  13. redbeard

    OT: E-Bike

    I purchased my ebike last year and love it. I work close from home but it's mostly downhill to work so at the end of the day having that assist is great. Plus I live just outside of Philly and there are great paved bike trails everywhere. I can go and bike/cruise all day. I'm clocking in at...
  14. redbeard

    Alex Lifeson new single.

    Really dogging it. Definitely has a Puscifer vibe to it.
  15. redbeard

    Local sale Ludwig LM-402

    Selling mint condition Ludwig Supraphonic LM-402. Coating on the head is flaking but still sounds perfect. Looking for a local only sale in the Plymouth Meeting, PA area. $450.
  16. redbeard

    3D Printer

    So Santa delivered a neat little 3D printer to my 13yo son for Christmas. We're already having fun with it. Does anyone know of links to plans for cymbal toppers or anything like that?
  17. redbeard

    Triple splash stand

    Going to try the dog bones and go from there.
  18. redbeard

    Drum Identification Please!

    Do you have any pics of the throw, inside, grommets, etc? Is the a wrap finish?
  19. redbeard

    Triple splash stand

    I want to mount 3 splash cymbals above my hats. Does anyone make a single stand with 3 cymbal arms on it? I don't want a lot of stands and multiple clamps get a little ridiculous and heavy on one stand.