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  1. Lorenzo1950

    Not loving playing drums now.

    I’ve played blues since 1976 but also took jazz and rock gigs. I like the old Chess blues records and not the watered down “white” blues of today. There is a sameness to what I hear today. Recycled guitar licks all up tempo shuffles harmonica players that play over the band. I can listen to the...
  2. Lorenzo1950

    So I just went to the shop to try a Broadkaster *UPDATE* now mine!

    I bought my Brooklyn's in 2014. Never been happy with the floor tom tone. Love the bass and the small toms and the snare sounds beautiful. I like the style of the Broadcaster sets.
  3. Lorenzo1950

    Two jazz gigs in Herndon, VA

    I managed to get two gigs 52 miles from home in December. Hope Covid will not shut them down. Not getting much money but jazz players are saying that Covid changed everything, fortunately I will have enough for gas money.
  4. Lorenzo1950

    Iron Cobra single pedal with strap

    I bought a great Iron Cobra strap pedal in 2012 with a felt beater. There is only one side of the beater (no rubber side for louder playing) the other side has a drum key screw on it. All I can figure out is that the screw when loosened allows you to change the angle of the rod. Could it be used...
  5. Lorenzo1950

    Non drummer home studio.

    I have actually seen three very nice drum kits in these home studios. One person was a guitarist who happens to also be a drummer. He had a really nice set made by Baltimore Drums. Another person had a studio and recording equipment and a very nice Mapex drum set. I recorded on a Ludwig set that...
  6. Lorenzo1950

    Non drummer home studio.

    One guy knew drummers set up on carpet so he placed a rubber mat under the bass drum. Now everything sticks to the rubber mat especially the bass pedal when you want to adjust it.
  7. Lorenzo1950

    Hit your snare harder!!

    Maybe the guitarist needs to turn down a bit. Below ten. We pound the crap out of the drums because of them complaining and then we face the injuries we get to our rotator cuff’s etc.
  8. Lorenzo1950

    Non drummer home studio.

    Every decent guitarist or keyboard player may consider a home studio with a drum kit. This is what I find: the guitar piayer or keyboard player will discuss their very expensive equipment. Next they will get excited and tell you about the great deal they got on a drum kit, oniy $450 including...
  9. Lorenzo1950

    Smaller, lighter, stackable drum sets for older drummers.

    The Catalina Club are not what I would want. The tom mount is not very stable either. No, I'm not interested in mush. The Tama Club Jam is nice looking but I might go with the Sonor.
  10. Lorenzo1950

    Smaller, lighter, stackable drum sets for older drummers.

    I found these. Sonor drums are great.
  11. Lorenzo1950

    Smaller, lighter, stackable drum sets for older drummers.

    I hate to be negative because I like the look of DW drums, but $1,500 for small drums? I feel like we are paying for the name. The Tama Club has a nice style and is a great color. Thanks for posting.
  12. Lorenzo1950

    Favorite Ludwig Wrap

  13. Lorenzo1950

    Smaller, lighter, stackable drum sets for older drummers.

    Several drummers I know have purchased the smaller drum kits that are lighter and can be packed on top of one another in one or two vinyl bags. The sizes are much smaller with bass drum being about 18" and toms are smaller and resemble deep pie plates. With some sets the floor tom and snare can...
  14. Lorenzo1950

    ludwig supraphonic question

    I would think so if you go through a local music store they will contact Ludwig. I have never had success going right to the company. They tell me I have to go to a drum dealer. It reminds me of buying a new car.
  15. Lorenzo1950

    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    I started the fall of 1965 when I bought my friend’s drum set. Took my first drum lesson in 1978. I had always liked drums from seeing the drummers in parades. I didn’t have a favorite drummer at the time. Joined a neighborhood band playing British rock and popular songs from the radio. I did...
  16. Lorenzo1950

    Are You a Bad Drummer? Nashville Bass Player Exposes Tell Tale Signs

    I think he means groove and the ability to play behind the beat, ahead of the beat or on top of the beat. It is weird because this all happens in a split second. If it isn't played right the drummer might drop or add a beat. When I think of "pocket" I would listen to "I Got the Feelin" by James...
  17. Lorenzo1950

    Are You a Bad Drummer? Nashville Bass Player Exposes Tell Tale Signs

    I know a great drummer who got tired of hitting hard. It doesn't mean his dynamics are bad. He is a top notch player and now he has serious hearing loss. If the guitar or bass keeps turning up the drummer will have to hit harder. I see a guy at open mic's who plays extremely light and I asked...
  18. Lorenzo1950

    New old Guy reappears

    There isn't much to post but I have been taking jazz gigs. Recently I played drums and tambourine (there were about five drummers) for a benefit concert with 41 musicians of all George Harrison music. Probably the best thing I ever participated in. I love jazz and "All Things Must Pass" is my...
  19. Lorenzo1950

    Gigs From Hell

    Last summer it was pouring down rain when I got to the gig. I brought a towel, a change of socks, shoes and a shirt. Didn't have to park too far from the load-in but I was still soaked. When we left it was raining even harder so I said hell with it and got completely soaked while loading my car...
  20. Lorenzo1950

    New old Guy reappears

    Hello, DFO. I used to post on a daily basis but Facebook came along and I joined a few drum and music related groups and I wanted to come back to DFO where it all began for me. I remember posting an audio file and there were a few not so kind comments (probably deserved since I was reentering...