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    Great choices/poor choices ---- great moments/poor moments

    A musical moment for me was a little hi-hat splash Simon Phillips did on the Judas Priest song "Sinner" (Sin After Sin), which came after the great stuff he did ealier over the big guitar section. I just wish the record had a better mix/sound to it. Anthoo, here's a clip cued up to the event...
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    Good Times Bad Times bass drum

    I'd suggest checking out Benny Greb's "Language of Drumming." It has a very straight forward system for limb development. Benny puts the "language" into a simple form of "binary" and "ternary," then shows several different ways to apply the forms to help learners reach their goals. I attached an...
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    OT-Lost my dad yesterday

    My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father.
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    Grease Musical Drum cam

    Good work Kai!!!
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    Why don't you like my black drums?

    I've got a black cortex kit, and I like the contrast of the wrap and chrome hardware. I bought it because I thought it was a deal at the time, but I'm a bit indifferent to the wrap. If I didn't have the FOMO impulse and controlled my enthusiasim, I more than likely would have hunted down a...
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    What is the difference between Ludwig 3 ply & six ply shells?

    Is your end goal to be able to set-it-forget-it/tune by the frequency; just get in the ballpark with frequency and fine tune by ear; or build your confidence to rely solely on ear? I think the vast majority of drummers simply tune by ear and what sounds good to them rather than strictly...
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    Ludwig Nobel and Cooley snare

    Nice! I would have thought they wouldn't even bother, so I wouldn't either. Glad you're not as pessimistic as I am!
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    What is the difference between Ludwig 3 ply & six ply shells?

    I was as clueless as they come and I had a similiar experience with my 3-ply kit that I acquired in the late 70's. I added a second bass drum which was a 6-ply pointy B/O badge - since it had the same badge as the kit it had to be the same thing, no??? Then a couple of years later I ordered a...
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    What is the difference between Ludwig 3 ply & six ply shells?

    Derrick, make sure not to judge your kit solely against the "Full Mix" sound that DCP uses or you'll never be as happy with your kit, consider the room mic and/or overhead sound too. Your kit can certainly produce that nice, lush "Full Mix" sound when recorded that way, but it won't really sound...
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    Ludwig Nobel and Cooley snare

    I agree that they work great and look good while doing it. The P-87 is my favorite throw from Ludwig. The plate is a great idea to continue using snare cord on the strainer side. I just cut a strip from an old drum head and attached it (butt end, I swapped to a P-32 and cord)
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    Ludwig Nobel and Cooley snare

    Good question, but I couldn't field an accurate guess of any kind. I do know that they did the order at least two times. I completely missed the first pass, bounced some emails back and forth, then signed on to be notified when they were going to be restocked. I never did get that notification...
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    Ludwig Nobel and Cooley snare

    It's the collector / limited edition aspect of it. And if you're looking for a 'Ludwig' single-ply, one just has to pony up. But if you're just looking to get a single-ply, in tulip variant, then I can certainly agree. I do think there were some difference in finishing beween the two companies...
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    Ludwig Nobel and Cooley snare

    I like the Imperials on this drum too. I tend to like tube lugs on drums that feature figured woods (or engraved meatal) so it stands out more. But, on a more subdued/restrained spieces of wood I can appreciate the more prominent Imperial lug. I would have stuck with the pitch on the stock...
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    Ludwig Nobel and Cooley snare

    They were around $150-200 more than a direct N&C variant. I didn't think it was too out of line considering the drums were hitting another facility for finishing (stain/lacquer, bearing edges, snare bed) and hardware/badgining, before shipping the finished product to the end retailer DCP. So the...
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    Ludwig Nobel and Cooley snare

    Well, to be fair, that particular sticker isn't about the claim of '7-ply maple' but the bar code that has the more important production data associated with it. But I get your point, they could have used any printer and a address label to make a more accurate sticker, or one with just the bar...
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    Ludwig Nobel and Cooley snare

    It was a 10th anniversary commerative snare that DCP produced in collaboration Ludwig and N&C. I was a little late on hearing about the release of this model, bouncing a few emails back and forth with DCP asking a couple questions, and when I went to pull the trigger the drums were sold out. I...
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    Impact of die cast on the snare side?

    Changing the total mass of the drum will alter the timbre that it is able to produce. It may be well worth it to your ears to experiment. As far as the cost, consider a new rim may cost a little more than a used one, but in either case if you're not happy with the result you can sell the rim...
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    Shoulder surgery

    I'm no doctor, but I play one on the interwebz. There are some really good supportive exercise rehabilitation/therapy vids on the YT that you might have some great info. These have tremendous value to help develop/maintain the tissue even if you do decide to go the surgery route. I had a...
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    OT: Lost my job - UPDATE - FOUND!

    Good for you... best of luck on your new gig!!!
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    Good job on the cover.