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  1. Stickclick

    When to change drum heads?

    I keep one of my drum kits at a bar, where the band that I'm in rehearses. I sit at the kit the other day and notice my tom heads are severely dented. Somebody has been really hard on these heads. In contrast, my home kit has no dents on the heads. So I'm wondering, when to change the heads. And...
  2. Stickclick

    Happening Again

    If you want to have a good garden then you have to pull out the weeds.
  3. Stickclick

    Protocol for Jam Sessions/Open Mic Nights?

    Every place is different At my jam sessions we have no signup list. Musicians play whatever they want. We trade instruments. It rarely gets too loud.
  4. Stickclick

    The AI Effect (Rick Beato video)

    We are in new legal territory. Do copyrights even apply to AI composed and created music?
  5. Stickclick


    A stranger bought me a beer and brought it over to me between songs the other night. Nice gesture.
  6. Stickclick

    Yamaha snare stand broke

    I've had thrones break before, never a snare stand.
  7. Stickclick

    Cheap vs expensive drums… is the feel or the sound better?

    I wouldn't bring expensive drums to local bars where drunks might fall on them. That's why I own cheap drums.
  8. Stickclick

    Coked Out Bands

    I eat a couple chocolate chip cookies before the second set and I have enough energy to bounce off the walls.
  9. Stickclick

    Selling gear is difficult, what’s your “trick”?

    I don't sell anything. I might give stuff away to someone that is learning and seems worthy.
  10. Stickclick

    Played a double today

    That's a lot of work. And then you have to move everything back home.
  11. Stickclick

    For the heck of it

    Yeah nice looking snare.
  12. Stickclick

    I don't get it

    He's close. Timing is just a bit late.
  13. Stickclick

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I bought a pair of Sabian b8 14 inch Hi Hats. I think it was $ 40. they came with a cracked Meinl HCS 16 inch crash cymbal that was drilled. Seems to work OK. It's for a practice kit that I keep at a bar.
  14. Stickclick

    Waaaaaay OT: Dungeons and Dragons

    Well I suppose that's exciting, sort of. Better than watching TV in general.
  15. Stickclick

    The local Jam Session

    You guys are gonna hate me. I don't even get paid. The venue is 25 miles away. I spent about USA $ 400 on a used drum kit, cymbals and pedal. We still don't have a throne. But I keep doing it, hosting jams, because I like it. Sounds awful most of the time.
  16. Stickclick

    Male Musicians are more attractive to women...but the opposite is not true (says science)

    I dunno, beer does so many things to so many people. How can anyone tell what's going on?
  17. Stickclick

    OT Joke Thread

    Could happen.
  18. Stickclick

    I don't seem to be running out of GAS

    I'm happy with my purchases.
  19. Stickclick

    I riveted a China...

    Doesn't it just sound like a riveted cymbal?