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  1. Speedy Keen

    Simplest way to glue hoop inlays

    For what this is worth. I found little tubes (like old style toothpaste) of contact cement at Hobby Lobby. I bought all they had at my local store. I heard they had it and I had a tough time finding it in the store, but I eventually did. It works well for me laying a bit of contact...
  2. Speedy Keen

    Bob Dylan Never Ending Tour Diaries Drummer Winston Watson's Incredible Journey
  3. Speedy Keen

    Show your Champagne Sparkles.

    This is the sellers picture of a set that I own. Very nice even fade on them.
  4. Speedy Keen

    Looking for Gretsch Renown Throw off for round badge drum.

    I recently bought this drum to see if I could get it back in better shape. The original Gretsch Renown throw off was gone. Some extra holes and a two bolt aftermarket Asian throw was on it. I am looking for the four bolt on Renown throw off. Thanks in advance.
  5. Speedy Keen

    Last minute change on ebay, paypal 1099 forms. Wall Street Journal Story

    The Internal Revenue Service on Friday delayed by one year a law requiring e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Etsy and Airbnb to give the tax agency information on users with more than $600 in revenue. Now, platform sellers and the IRS won’t receive a blizzard of 1099-K tax forms early in 2023...
  6. Speedy Keen

    Have these 70's Ludwig bearing edges been recut?

    I think they have been, but I would like other opinions. I got the set with this drum 12 years ago from total unknown source. Recently I have been buying mufflers and putting them back on various drums I own. I got one for this drum and was installing the muffler this am. The set had some...
  7. Speedy Keen

    Rogers wine red ripple

    I saw it pop up on ebay and it looked rough. Shoestrings for snare cord? Looks like it went into good hands. Great finish.
  8. Speedy Keen

    RIP, Killer

  9. Speedy Keen

    RIP, Killer

    Did you get that drum from Tarp Tarrant ?
  10. Speedy Keen

    60's Slingerlands at a gig

    Manila tags with wire ties work for me on cases. Help to find the drum you are looking for.
  11. Speedy Keen

    60's Slingerlands at a gig

    Are those regular, standard Slingerland spurs coming out of the bass drum?
  12. Speedy Keen

    Higher Used Gear Prices Next Year - My Prediction

    This anecdote isn't precisely related but ... I talked to the owner of my local Music Go Round. I asked him if any of these new rules affected the company stores. He said the corporation looked into it and considered the trouble they would have if they had to issue 1099 forms to every walk in...
  13. Speedy Keen

    Cosmo's Camcos

    I saw him using probably, that set in the mid 80's up close. He was playing with Doug Sahm here in town at the Zoo Bar. He had the bottom rim and head off the 13 and the tremendous gouging in the bottom bearing edge was very visible. Small club, maybe 200 people there. I talked to him...
  14. Speedy Keen

    Anton Fier R.I.P.

  15. Speedy Keen

    Anton Fier R.I.P.

  16. Speedy Keen

    Anton Fier R.I.P.

    Anton Fier died Sept 21 2022, at the age of 66. He had been a member of The Feelies, The Lounge Lizards and The Golden Palominos during his career. He was also a producer of recordings too. I became aware of him when he played drums on The Feelies debut album, Crazy Rhythms.
  17. Speedy Keen

    So many missing Forumites???

    I visited Charlie Costello at his home in Denver around summer 2000 (or maybe 2001) . At that time he had around 18 to 20 interesting and significant (mostly) wood Dynasonics in his collection. Around the time that many of us were getting into ebay, the issue of fakery and so forth on wood...
  18. Speedy Keen

    Ludwigs Acros Blue/ brass transition badges

    I am fairly sure the Acrolites came into the picture in 62 or 63 (maybe 64). After the Transition badge period was done.
  19. Speedy Keen

    Drummer biography books

    This is a very good biography of a great drummer. I gave a copy signed by the author Curt Weiss to a good friend of mine and he enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading it too.
  20. Speedy Keen

    Horrible news...our own Mike Layton has passed on.

    When he was involved and helping with the Forum here, he was sooooo helpful. I met him in person the first year he came to the Chicago Show. I believe that was the last year, we were at the Odeum. I saw him last May at the Chicago show and he was such a great person to talk to. I remember...