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  1. Bijan

    Question About Wrap - New vs. Old - on Vintage Drums

    Agree with the post above this one. Fix the seams and enjoy em.
  2. Bijan

    Nicko Mcbrian has switched from Remo to Code

    Code is owned by BDC so this makes sense.
  3. Bijan

    Looking for wires for a 20's - 30's Ludwig Super Ludwig (super sensitive)

    Bibin in Europe makes those wires too
  4. Bijan

    Early Avedis Zildjian H-Hat History

    I wonder if they’re meant for a sock stand. They have a normal profile. And TOP doesn’t necessarily mean hi hat, at least the words “hi hat” aren’t on the cymbal. They’re pretty light- I can put em on a scale tomorrow.
  5. Bijan

    Early Avedis Zildjian H-Hat History

    I have a pair of first stamp ink signed 12” hats with an ink stamp. They are super early As.
  6. Bijan

    Vintage Brass Snare

    There are one piece shells with soldered bearing edges as well- not a two piece only feature.
  7. Bijan

    Help needed on this old Leedy snare…

    It looks like your rims have a molded/or pressed in engraving. The later hoops with that pattern are hand engraved. That drum should sound great! Be super gentle with that throwoff- they’re the weak link on that drum.
  8. Bijan

    Is this ride cymbal in "good" condition? - RELISTED & SOLD.

    Jesus what a turd! I love how, as you mentioned, the seller has now gone to great lengths to show the isuues with the cymbal. Probabaly a great thing that you haven't heard from them. Yeesh
  9. Bijan

    Rogers Shells - Species of the plies ?

    Mustango- true old growth wood was long gone by the era you’re referring to. Compared to what’s used today it probably seems like old growth but it’s not.
  10. Bijan

    Gretsch Gloss Lacquer Drums Polish?

    Find a guitar polish that is compatible with nitrocellulose lacquer.
  11. Bijan

    What Heads and Wires Are You Using on Your 20s/30s Brass Snare Drums?

    Ctd Amb on batter (sometimes an emp on a 15), CLEAR (not hazy) bottom head, 12-16 strand wires.
  12. Bijan

    WFL FLOOR TOM HELP! these legs ehhhhhhh

    I have Rogers Sta-tire mounts on the WFL 16. No extra holes needed
  13. Bijan

    Throw-off and Butt for single hole in shell??

    Get the George Way setup. Both are single hole mount.
  14. Bijan

    Long lost cymbals found!

    Glad you found em! I do remember.
  15. Bijan

    What kind of Mahogany for Gretsch Catalina bass drum?

    Not really mahogany, probably Luan.
  16. Bijan

    You might have posted about Rogers a lot, but not me!

    This was as big as my Rogers stash got. I sold the gold FT, wine red ripple set, and the red sparkle set in the last couple of weeks. I’ve since added a matching Cleveland silver sparkle 16” to the Cleveland 20/12/14.
  17. Bijan

    rogers collets

    I just received a 16” silver sparkle. It has a tall hoop, so I was a little hesitant but, thank god, it has the 8-32 lug screws. Whew!
  18. Bijan

    rogers collets

    Yep- the lug bosses don’t have enough meat due to the #10 screws. The bosses tend to break when the lugs are removed decades later. Ask me how I know haha.
  19. Bijan

    Vintage Rogers

    Value is dependent on many factors. Condition/sizes/originality, etc. appears to be from the golden era of Rogers though. Get us more pics and info :)