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  1. aparker2005

    Zildjian A Avedis (2016) about to be next for discontinuing?

    Got to try the 20" Avedis on the kit yesterday. Absolutely perfect as a crash, and just the sound I was looking for for my "smaller" cymbal setup. I tried my 22" (2388g) as a ride and I honestly think it may be too light. Maybe I'm so used to playing 24s in that spot nowadays, but it definitely...
  2. aparker2005

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    My setup for this year's shows with my band. Added a China for fun. This 20" oriental classic (my favorite chinas) was drilled when I got it a few years ago. I haven't used it much, but yesterday when we were done I noticed it rattling. Cracked it even more from the fix. So on to looking for...
  3. aparker2005

    Pork Pie USA Snares vs Non USA?

    Most everything from Pork Pie is great, even the overseas stuff. A few drums I'm not a fan of, but love Bills work 99% of the time
  4. aparker2005

    New Tama 1st chair drum throne

    I've got an XL round rider, basically the same as this one but round. Absolutely love it, but it seems to have gotten really hard to sit on for extended periods. I think I sweat through cloth thrones and end up basically sitting on the board after a while
  5. aparker2005

    My favorite, do it all snare

    I've had a lot of snares over the years. A few years ago I went through a major swapping of drums, never keeping many very long. I found a very rare snare I had wanted for a long time but were impossible to find. It's a limited edition Pearl Masterworks 14x6.5 Santos Rosewood. Absolutely...
  6. aparker2005

    Zildjian A Avedis (2016) about to be next for discontinuing?

    On a whim I picked up a 1900g 20" A Avedis. I needed a 2nd 20" crash for a smaller cymbal setup. This one is the exact sound I was looking for to contrast my 20" K Cluster. Absolutely beautiful cymbal. Love my 20 and 22 now, among with the 15" bottom hat I have.
  7. aparker2005

    Which snare gets my new brass hoops?

    I vote Tama spotted gum!
  8. aparker2005

    Pork Pie Solid Rosewood Snare Journey

    So an update to this snare..... It is now with Carter Beauford! Looks like it may be going to be used on their upcoming tour as well. I believe this may be their first solid shell wood snare. I'll be seeing them twice next month and should be able to check his kit out again, so we'll see for...
  9. aparker2005

    22" Zildjian Oriental Classic China

    Still looking
  10. aparker2005

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    My 2 recently. Beauford replica and my Crutchfield kit
  11. aparker2005

    Show us your Copper!!! Lets see your closet copper snare drums, you know you have some! UPDATED TOTALS!

    Ended up grabbing another Pork Pie Patina Copper. This one is even better looking than the last one I had. Bill does an amazing job on these, and they sound amazing.
  12. aparker2005

    400 years of Zildjian

    Can confirm. I had a very slight help on this!
  13. aparker2005

    OT - Movies You're Looking Forward To Seeing

    The Flash. Only reason? Keaton. Is back. As Batman. Not interested in anything else about this movie, but it's gonna be great to see him back as the Bat
  14. aparker2005

    Zildjian 22" K Dark Medium Ride - Thoughts?

    They're literally discontinuing all of their good models. Very strange
  15. aparker2005

    22" K custom special dry crash...SOLD

    These are absolutely phenomenal cymbals. Glad I scored one before Zildjian of course discontinued them! Glwts
  16. aparker2005

    22" Zildjian Oriental Classic China

  17. aparker2005

    Sold: Mapex 30th Anniversary Walnut Black Panther Snare

    Unfortunately just selling this time. Thanks!
  18. aparker2005

    Sold: Mapex 30th Anniversary Walnut Black Panther Snare

    This one is finally up for sale for good. Absolutely incredible snare, and limited to 75 in the US. No issues except a very minor scratch on the shell that I tried to picture. Heads have some play in them but plenty of life left. I never used the original batter head, but was used in store when...