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  1. KCJazz

    Coked Out Bands

    In the early drum machine days, the track might be cut with a drum machine which was then replaced by a live drummer.
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    Coked Out Bands

  3. KCJazz

    Coked Out Bands

  4. KCJazz

    Coked Out Bands

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    Greatest Drummer Ever?

    When I was first absorbing jazz, I thought Art Blakey had the most unique style. Art subbed for Max in a jazz greats concert in LA where I was surprised that an audience member nearby was annoyed at the switch. Some have formidable technique, others may have a cooler concept.
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    When the drum dictate the tuning

    Answer: Also have one tuned to F natural. Then, one snare, at least, would fit every key. If pitch were a concern, in other than tympani, it might make more sense to tune to a quarter tone versus a note in the 12 tone scale. To me, the number of lugs is most determinative of the pitch that...
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    When the drum dictate the tuning

    What do you do when the band is in F natural?
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    Which inde mount

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    Opinions on Ludwig drum set values : extra holes vs repainted interiors

    Thanks for that info. Not long ago, I paid a premium price for a pristine '63 Jazz Combo in my collectible color of champaign sparkle. I love the drum (with Bovid heads now), but it came with a bulky Radio King 2-felt muffler, which I removed. Sounds like it's not a big deal.
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    Rerings on Modern Snares

    It doesn't seem like it is there for reinforcement then.
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    Who's the Boss?

    In teaching new students, I emphasize the vital importance of bass drum control. I didn't pull out Ted Reed's bass drum book for the exact quote, but I'm reminded of his assertion that the bass drum is the boss of the drums and that the drums are the boss of the band. I love that.
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    what is the history of these tama/camco drums?

    Do you still run the shop in Gladstone? If so, what's the name of it?
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    Neil Peart's Ludwig Super Classics...still made?

    The 4 ply Rockers were supposed to be the same shell. My COW Rocker II snare has the dreaded Granitone interior, but bowtie lugs.
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    Thomas Lang stick technique (i.e. Does he bury the stick like a bass drum beater?)

    I agree with this. The hand is quicker than the eye. The shadow of the stick is also in play.
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    Gretsch Gloss Lacquer Drums Polish?

    I use MusicNomad Drum Detailer on everything but cymbals, including Gretsch walnut lacquer. No ill effects. I know Guitar Center sells it.
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    What Heads and Wires Are You Using on Your 20s/30s Brass Snare Drums?

    For reso, a Bovid thin goat is good. I don't like mixing plastic with natural, but I recall hearing of Mel Lewis doing that.
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    Remo Tunable practice pad

    Actually, I didn't think your original question was serious. Your question could also be, and was, interpreted as questioning the feasibility of using a towel, as if you had started "How in the world...". No harm, no foul.
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    Remo Tunable practice pad

    Alright already
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    Remo Tunable practice pad

    You're sure?