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  1. patrickmplaysdrums

    SOLD Update, case found Pearl 2052C Eliminator double bass drum pedal

    these are some great pedals, been using my eliminators for close to ten years now. GLWS mate!
  2. patrickmplaysdrums

    First Bell Brass Build

    with those specs, you might want to invest in a very heavy duty double braced snare stand. lol (emphasis on might). and some hearing protection, seriously. post pics up when its done, i'd love to hear that killer.
  3. patrickmplaysdrums

    My new Ahead Wenge!

    thats a beauty can't say i am not a bit jealous
  4. patrickmplaysdrums

    Parts Suppliers

    drumfactorydirect seems to be the go to as far as i can tell. Or worldmax. though Worldmax is not a direct dealer, pretty similar to Lea Hung if not exact in terms of items. Not too sure how reasonable shipping and imports would be from Pennsylvania where DFD is to your location in Australia so...
  5. patrickmplaysdrums

    Evans DB One Snare head (With Snares on)

    Im sure with a pretty shallow shell like a piccolo you mentioned and the head cranked down reasonably tight you could achieve a sound similar to what Jojo has. at least without having to sample or trigger anything beyond what he is doing. Best of luck!!
  6. patrickmplaysdrums

    Evans DB One Snare head (With Snares on)

    The dB one snare heads are unique in that they kind of defeat the purpose of having snare wires engaged on the drum since the head has kind of like a vented plastic portion that replicates snare wires. that feature is not on the tom-style heads of 13/14 sizes normally used on snares. any how...
  7. patrickmplaysdrums

    Yamaha 9000 router bit

    why can't the world just agree on a system where 30 equals 30 and 60 is 60. So confusing appreciate the clarification though nonetheless
  8. patrickmplaysdrums

    Yamaha 9000 router bit

    i could be completely off depending on the era you are looking for but from what i recall, the yamaha RCs have a 30 degree bearing edge on them (thats what i found on the yamaha spec page). So you'll want that angle chamfer bit. Best bits hands down i've found and used for various woodworking...
  9. patrickmplaysdrums

    Me playing my Tama Star Walnut kit

    not to take away from the beautiful yellow tama's that are clearly the focus of the video posted but that snare is sweet sounding.
  10. patrickmplaysdrums

    WTB: Pearl SR-1000/B black Glide lock strainer and butt plate

    Looking to acquire a new or like-new Pearl SR-1000 glidelock strainer and endplate combo. Everywhere I have looked on the web is either not genuine parts or out-of-stock. Guess I could always contact a Pearl dealer here in Nashville but I want to explore my options first. Pricing stuff can be...
  11. patrickmplaysdrums

    AVA Drum builds

    absolutely stunning work man!!! truly a work of art to the eyes and the ears
  12. patrickmplaysdrums

    Tru Oil finish- share your stories?

    guess its a "good" thing winter temps are starting to pop up. perfect time for patience to be utilized...along with my space heater
  13. patrickmplaysdrums

    Tru Oil finish- share your stories?

    I can only hope the shell i ordered comes with the figure of that stock LOL. regardless, that vid is super helpful! thanks
  14. patrickmplaysdrums

    Tru Oil finish- share your stories?

    when you say "high grit", do you mean like 600g or so or something even finer as in, say, 1500 to 2000?
  15. patrickmplaysdrums

    Tru Oil finish- share your stories?

    I am getting ready to start another snare build- a 13" walnut stave shell- and have seen some incredible projects (mostly furniture and guitars) using tru-oil as the topcoat and I would be interested to see or hear your experience if you have any. Good, bad, fantastic, open to it all...
  16. patrickmplaysdrums

    Precision Drum Company social media can help fix it!

    hey all, ive been informed by a close friend of mine that works with the Folchi's and Precision Drum company on a personal level that their instagram (and possibly other social media platforms) have been hacked and they can't get it back or respond to any inquiries through DMs. if you could help...
  17. patrickmplaysdrums

    What is your “Beater “ kit ?

    mine is an "astro" (taye sub-brand im told) kit. sounds like p00p but it gets my emotions out. 12/13/16/22. paid 20 bucks for it and i honestly think that's the best bargain ive got. new heads and it sounds just as it should--- like p00p
  18. patrickmplaysdrums

    Identify Bass Drum Round Head Tension Rod

    i second Trick, even if im late lol. that knurled knob just screams at me, especially after having some of their pedals.
  19. patrickmplaysdrums

    Any source for custom lug gaskets?

    i'd be interested in knowing more about this as well, maybe custom color gaskets for my builds I do.
  20. patrickmplaysdrums

    Music City Drum Show July 9 & 10. Who's going?

    heading to the show this year for round number 2. looking forward to it!!!!