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  1. Rockin' Billy

    OT: Lost My Cat Today

    Saddened to read and sorry for your loss. May you Rest In Peace Mingo.
  2. Rockin' Billy

    Another great one has passed.

    Rest In Peace Dickie Harrell.
  3. Rockin' Billy

    Yamaha FP-9D Direct Drive Single Bass Drum

    Your link takes you to a brand new pedal. I’ve seen a few of these pedals used for sale.(direct and chain) Most cases reason for sale was did not like the feel. They look like a really nice pedal. I was thinking about the chain drive but haven’t committed. What were your thoughts if I may ask?
  4. Rockin' Billy

    Ludwig 1970 interior cleaning

    I’ve used Johnson’s Furniture Paste Wax for years on wood interiors.
  5. Rockin' Billy

    Sharpening my Uber skills today! Cool pick up today

    I took his Master Class last week. Very nice person and a monster on the drums.
  6. Rockin' Billy

    Jay Bellerose

    I met him when he was playing w/Rev. Horton Heat. What a work out that gig was. He made a video of his equipment. Super nice guy.
  7. Rockin' Billy

    Slingerland "Yellow Jacket" pedal?

    Nice! Best way to do it, plus I enjoy doing so.
  8. Rockin' Billy

    OT Joke Thread

  9. Rockin' Billy

    OT Joke Thread

    Wow, that’s an old one!
  10. Rockin' Billy

    Things are getting expensive

    Precision Drum folks are great people and do immaculate work. As stated, the time and labor to strip and de-glue is labor intensive.
  11. Rockin' Billy

    Jay Bellerose

    Thanks for the reply. My friend Arjuna is drumming for them.
  12. Rockin' Billy

    Jay Bellerose

    And a really nice person as well. Did JD McPherson open?
  13. Rockin' Billy

    Not Tunebot settings but...

    Thank you kindly.
  14. Rockin' Billy

    Not Tunebot settings but...

    What app is that?
  15. Rockin' Billy

    OT Joke Thread

    Larson, my favorite!
  16. Rockin' Billy

    OT- Car Free

    My dreaded fear…when and if I can’t drive anymore. It’s been my life. My grandmother gave it up on her own at 85 years old due to failing eyesight and was devastated. My mother is 93 and still driving but probably shouldn’t be.
  17. Rockin' Billy

    Reggae Tunes

    If interested.
  18. Rockin' Billy

    Gretsch Floating Action Strap Replacement

    Yes, stayinthebeat. Nice guy and ships fast and great products. I’ve purchased a few times and he’s also custom made a strap.
  19. Rockin' Billy

    OT Anniversary Post... Two Photos 40 years apart to the week!

    Congratulation’s and Happy Anniversary!
  20. Rockin' Billy

    OT - RIP Jerry Springer

    My story if interested about that type of show. My introduction to Springer and other shows like ‘that’ occurred in 1996. The steps on a fire escape broke and I fell 2 stories from an industrial building. I was med-e-vacked to Westchester Hospital. I spent 5 weeks being put back together...