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  1. JohnF

    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    6th grade, 1965. Sticks and practice pad until I got a Slingerland duco student snare for Christmas in 1966 and a blue sparkle MIJ kit for Christmas in 1967. Played mostly concert band and marching percussion through high school. Just kind of noodled around on drumset for a long time and the...
  2. JohnF

    Concert Tickets: $29 for Deep Purple-Judas Priest

    Was thinking about going to see DP/JP in Charlotte too. Anyone know who's in the current line-up of Deep Purple? Or is it just the name that will be there?
  3. JohnF

    LUDWIG Silver Sparkle or Silver Mist

    I'm surprised no has said this yet, so here goes... Silver mist drums are not quite as loud as silver sparkle :laughing8:
  4. JohnF


    I got my NARD certificate in 1968. Still have it although the wallet card is long gone. I rejoined in 2009 when Mark Beecher revived the organization and got a new certificate with my original NARD number on it. It seemed like the website has had practically no attention since then. I don't...
  5. JohnF

    The Blues Brothers? Seriously?

    Most of the filming was done in 1979. I worked in Chicago - Schaumburg actually - from 1978 - 1983. When they were filming I took a day off work and watched them set up for the chase scene on Lower Wacker Drive. Didn't see Jake or Elwood though, just lots of police cars and the Bluesmobile...
  6. JohnF

    OT: What Is Your Favorite LIVE Album?

    J Geils Band - Live Full House Allman Brothers - Fillmore East Deep Purple - Made In Japan
  7. JohnF

    When did you start playing?

    School band, 6th grade at Rogers School in Marshalltown Iowa. A bus would pick up the band students and take them to another school (maybe the Junior High, I don't remember) and bring them back an hour later. This was in 1965.
  8. JohnF

    Shuffler! Heavy duty funk

    That's got to be one of the best bass lines ever. Check out the original version by Ian Dury & the Blockheads on the Do It Yourself album with Norman Watt-Roy on bass. Also love the sax solo where the sax player plays two saxophones at the same time.
  9. JohnF

    Best Show(s) You Ever Saw

    +1 on J Geils Band. Saw them in 1973. This was when Live Full House and Bloodshot albums were big. Great show. Also Roy Buchanan in 1972. Best guitar tone of all time IMHO.
  10. JohnF

    5 Drum Innovations that Never Caught On

    Lamo drumsticks (Ludwig, I think, made them). 5B Lamo's with nylon tips were my go-to stick in junior high / high school concert band in the mid to late '60s. Whatever happened to them? Also Ruff-Kote spray.
  11. JohnF

    Gretsch Catalina Club Classic & Zildjian

  12. JohnF

    Gretsch Catalina Club Classic & Zildjian

    Selling my Gretsch Catalina Club Classic kit in copper sparkle wrap with hardware, Zildjian cymbals, and Ludwig Acrolite snare. Sizes are 20" x 14" bass, 12" x 8" mounted tom, 14" x 14" floor tom. Snare is B/O badge Acrolite, serial number dates it to 1976 near as I can tell. Note that the...
  13. JohnF

    What was the first song you learned to play drums to?

    Formed a horn band with some buddies from concert band in 8th grade - 1967 - to perform in a talent show. We played A Taste of Honey and Music to Watch Girls By.
  14. JohnF

    Good price for a 70s acro?

    Agreed. Just pointing out that Acros are out there and are pretty easy to find at a reasonable price.
  15. JohnF

    Good price for a 70s acro?

    +1 on Music Go Round. I work about 5 miles from one and stop by at lunch maybe every month or so to check out what they have. Picked up a '76 Acro about a year ago for $69. It cleaned up real nice. Also picked up a '68 KB Acro at a different Music Go Round about 15 years ago for $75.
  16. JohnF

    I done did it... Premier APK Heritage Bop (pics)

    Very nice! This kit was on my short list when I was looking to buy a small 4 piece kit. Enjoy!
  17. JohnF

    Brian Johnson Almost Deaf

    Their Greensboro NC show scheduled for the 14th has been postponed and according to this from the Greensboro Coliseum, it will be made up later in the year likely with a guest vocalist.
  18. JohnF

    Your most memorable concert?

    Roy Buchanan at a small venue in Pittsburgh 1972. J. Geils Band at Waterford Park, West Virginia 1973. Jan & Dean in Chicago 1980, Jan was only a shell of himself after his accident in 1966 but they put on a good show with a very strong backup band. Frankie Valli in Durham NC 2015, what a...
  19. JohnF

    Michael Carvin: Motown is the Bebop of Rock

    Interesting article as always. Thanks Scott.
  20. JohnF

    What's your age, and genre?

    61 here. Started playing in 1965 after I saw this British fella on TV - Dave Clark. Played mostly concert band/orchestra percussion and marching/rudimental stuff in my younger years. Owned 3 drum sets in my life, the first a blue sparkle MIJ stencil kit with a Slingerland duco snare - got...