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  1. makemyown

    Where is the sizzle?

    No sizzle for decades. Then Rick Dior playing Jack Dejohnette signature 20” heavy dry with 8 evenly spaced rivets. It’s what I want to hear most for over a year or two. And flat rides. And 12 & 13” Hhats. And nice splashy 6”-8” splashes. And
  2. makemyown

    So what sort of ride am I playing?

    Mid 70’s I had this ride, 18” crash-ride, 13” hats. Selling them in 80’s worst thing I’ve ever done gear wise
  3. makemyown

    Holy Grail cymbals

    My 20” K Con. med thin low was, is, it. Another in 22”. 20” Sabian Jack DeJohnette signature ride, 2550 gr +-. I’d put rivets in. 13” Hhats.There are many types I like. Sabian hand hammered, Zildjian k. & Bosphorus 18” Antique crash. And I need a 6”-8” splash. Zildjian A. My current 10” k splash...
  4. makemyown

    The magic 3A stick!

    Regal tip ‘Rock’ 3A’s. 2 pairs gotten on sale 1988 still in use. Pair on left tips reduced to nubs decades ago. These are my favourite Bossa & light jazz, etc., sticks.
  5. makemyown

    The magic 3A stick!

  6. makemyown

    ONE Snare Drum

    I love these two. Sensitone aluminum 6.5”; BB 5”. If I could only have one, it’d be BB.
  7. makemyown

    ONE Snare Drum

  8. makemyown

    Sentimental value of gear!

    I regret selling 1960’s Saturn & 1970’s Aria miJ kits. & Zildjian 13” Hhats that went with Aria’s.
  9. makemyown

    Your last impulse purchase

    3 used rides online. I know. Never buy cymbals you haven’t played. Zildjian K Custom Hi Def 22”; K Custom Dark 20”; K Const. med thin low 20”. I live rural. The prices were such that I figured I could re sell & not lose too much, if any, money. All in excellent condition. I would use store...
  10. makemyown

    How much of a difference does the type of Hi hat stand really make to you?

    I traded in midline kit & hardware on higher end shell pack without hardware years ago. Bought cheap hi-hat stand to replace. Surprises me how long this cheapo has lasted. I think as long as any piece of gear does what’s needed I’ll use it until there is a real need to replace it i.e. wears out.
  11. makemyown

    What is The Most Versatile Zildjian Ride Out There?

    I’m finding K Custom Dark 20” very versatile. Especially using different stick types. But I think any k ride you like the sound of with a variety of sticks will do whatever you need.
  12. makemyown

    Pearl Drums