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  1. Rhyma Hop

    Is there a counselling group for ex dw collectors owners? I just traded in a dw collectors.

    Yes of course.. I get it and I have always known what they are attempting to project.. but you have to analyze.. did it really work??.. . And which other company has it hurt that they proudly leave their name on the lower end stuff and stand behind it.. ?? Pdp has the dw look...
  2. Rhyma Hop

    Is there a counselling group for ex dw collectors owners? I just traded in a dw collectors.

    DW sells plenty of sub 1000 kits with their company under the PDP name.. everybody knows this is the same entity which is why so many put the dw logo on those drums as well.. and the only AQ2's sub 1k are the little mini kits.
  3. Rhyma Hop

    A/B Comparison Opinions Sought (Vintage Sonor vs Discontinued Yamaha)

    . Both Great .. I know the Sakae/Yamaha's sound very good.. 7mm kapur shells according to MusicRadar.. . I don't like those carnival/circus stripe type finishes but to each their own, but the dark wood stain was good looking.. Here is a good review ...
  4. Rhyma Hop

    Mind blowing young guitar player

    I think the link is bad
  5. Rhyma Hop

    Tina Turner has passed on at 83

  6. Rhyma Hop

    Tina Turner has passed on at 83

  7. Rhyma Hop

    Where are reissue Rogers drums made?

    . Reliance makes the shells and ships them over which is on the left side in the photo below.. All the work on the shells is done by the SHOP WORKERS at Pork Pie.. Here is a photo of one of the shop guys at Pork Pie doing all the work on the right side of the photo :
  8. Rhyma Hop

    Yamaha Japan Recording custom vs Stage custom birch bass drums and best heads for each

    I owned a few older RC's and they all had very good kicks.. but I wasn't cutting a hole in the head. .. the oldest one was actually the best of them and I had PS3 or EQ4 batter and the same on the resonant.
  9. Rhyma Hop

    NEW SQ2 + !!!

    Yes there is .. the 6000 has much heavier duty joints.. actually heavier duty than the entire industry from what I can tell.. and all the rivets are solid where as everybody else uses hollow rivets including their own 4000 and lower.. Sonor has been doing this for a long long time...
  10. Rhyma Hop

    New Gretsch Renown Limited Kit

    It looks like the same grain as the inner ply of Luan on Pearl Exports.. which does not look bad at all . Do you know which drum company put out an African Mahogany kit in the last few decades and DID NOT point it out ???.. It is a selling point IMO and that is why they always point it...
  11. Rhyma Hop

    DW vs. SONOR

    DW Performance and Gretsch Brooklyn IMO.. but as long as you are not exactly at MAP.
  12. Rhyma Hop

    Recommend a bop kit?

    got it
  13. Rhyma Hop

    Recommend a bop kit?

    plenty of kits compare .. plus the other kits have all their own hardware design and make their own shells.
  14. Rhyma Hop

    Best Drum Shop in San Diego

    I think there are very few smaller shops there so if I were you , I would call a couple other GC's in the area and check on these things you need .. there is one at the border , and east valley and also one in Escondido... Also there is a Sam Ash in the Lemon Grove area on the 94...
  15. Rhyma Hop

    DW vs. SONOR

    All you have to do is specify the Prolite mount when you order an SQ2 and you won't run into any issues with that plastic knob etc........ or just specify no mount and use a Rims mount.
  16. Rhyma Hop

    Someone’s gone Sonor

    I knew you were capable of seeing the light Paluzzo !
  17. Rhyma Hop

    Someone’s gone Sonor

    they reflect a trend on a particular subject
  18. Rhyma Hop

    Someone’s gone Sonor

    Judging by the comments on that vid and even the previous one.. I feel confident Paluzzo :happy3:
  19. Rhyma Hop

    Someone’s gone Sonor

    Well that sure didn't work out for him in that last vid .. Full kick no port , just little or no muffling inside sounds incredible compared to a hole and a bunch of stuff inside... no comparison.