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  1. Erik

    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    Bass player from another band, to my bass player & I... "you guys are SOLID, like FREEZER MEAT!"
  2. Erik

    No Surprise: Josh Freese Announced as Foo Fighters Live Drummer.

    Chris is a great guitarist, possibly the "best" of the 3
  3. Erik

    OT, Vinyl and record store day make national news.

    I think there are a few cool things about RSD. For my family, it is one of those days we spend together. We got up early, waited in line, picked up a couple of records, went to lunch then stopped by a second shop. I spent more than I planned, but it was a very good day. As a generalization...
  4. Erik

    Ludwig updates Neusonics!

    Wow, when they first came out a 4 piece was around $1000, right? I know prices have changed, but this is a lot.
  5. Erik

    Yamaha stage custom value

    I have an older Stage Custom Advantage kit and it's great. The only issue I've had with the kit is the bass drum spurs. The newer versions look incredible.
  6. Erik

    What's your system for not forgetting gear for or at a gig?

    very similar to my internal conversation when packing up!
  7. Erik

    What's your system for not forgetting gear for or at a gig?

    I used to play a lot of showcase gigs (2 or more bands on the bill) and got pretty good at load in and load out. A couple of things come to mind... If someone is helping you get your gear off stage, place everything in the same area. It gets confusing when there are multiple piles of gear...
  8. Erik

    What do you have against Lauan?

    I have an older 'stencil" kit and the 20" kick drum sounds great.
  9. Erik

    Ludwig announcing a new finish

    I like it
  10. Erik

    Drum Stick Pricing, wow!

  11. Erik

    Barton Drums and Their Beech Kits

    A couple of years ago, in Chicago Drum Exchange, I was able to look at Barton's finish work 1st hand. Beautiful silver sparkle lacquer, significantly more vibrant than a silver sparkle kit next to it. Looked and felt "pro".
  12. Erik

    Faces to the names

    Here is an "action" shot of me and one with my Dad, the reason I play drums and the best rock drummer very few people outside of Spokane, Seattle or Calgary have ever heard of!
  13. Erik

    Bitten by the vinyl bug

    I went to record store day a couple years ago and came home with a turntable! I had a few records from the 80's and have been slowly adding to the collection. Most recent addition is the new Tom Petty - Live at the Fillmore (fantastic!)
  14. Erik

    Black chrome

    Pearl offers that finish!
  15. Erik

    Question for Marching Band/Drum Corps players

    IMO... A snare line playing medium-tensioned heads would sound like distortion/white noise/mud... The "cranked" tension is appropriate for the articulation and volume required for complex arrangments in a football stadium...
  16. Erik

    Touring gear tips

    I Yes! if you have the space in the car bring your own throne and hi-hat stand. TWO of my worst back line experiences were because of the throne.
  17. Erik

    What was your favorite music store as a kid?

    Music World, Spokane WA
  18. Erik

    Hello from northern Indiana

    Welcome Eric!
  19. Erik

    Snare is too Loud !!

    In "live" rooms I have an old polyester banquet napkin I lay on my snare batter.... and try to play quieter.
  20. Erik

    Cancer Claims Modest Mouse Drummer, 45

    Rest in Peace.