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  1. stevesmithfan

    Do Bop kits lose their luster?

    I don’t care for Be Bop drum sets.
  2. stevesmithfan

    My Chicago Drum Show Phonics

    Beautiful set congratulations. Welcome to the Sonor Sickness!
  3. stevesmithfan

    NEW SQ2 + !!!

    They don’t veneer re rings
  4. stevesmithfan

    Do thicker shell drums go out of tune quicker?

    My Sonor SQ2 heavy shell always stays in tuned.
  5. stevesmithfan

    Problem with Salt Drums

    Back in the mid eighties I ordered 3 Tama Titan boom stands at a local music store in Phoenix Arizona called The Creative Drum Shop. I paid for the them in full. The guy said he would call me when they arrive in about a week. I did not hear from them so I called and got a message saying the...
  6. stevesmithfan

    Aaron Spears is with Ludwig now

    I retired my Ludwig classic maple in 2007 to my closet in favor of a Sonor SQ2. My Ludwig’s are still in the closet. I prefer Sonor over them.
  7. stevesmithfan

    Do you still get excited when you get a new kit and how long does it last?

    I don’t get excited about Drum equipment anymore
  8. stevesmithfan

    What does a sideman on an arena tour get paid?

    Will Kennedy makes $1000 a week playing with the Yellow Jackets.
  9. stevesmithfan

    Lars’ new kit

    Bumble bee
  10. stevesmithfan

    New to me drums

    $7k wow!
  11. stevesmithfan

    The Ultimate Sonor SQ2 Drums Comparison | Part 2

    Absolute phenomenal video.
  12. stevesmithfan

    Help Me Choose: Drum Dial or TuneBot

    I agree.
  13. stevesmithfan

    Thoughts on Zildjian Beautiful Baby?

    I have one it’s OK that’s a spectacular.
  14. stevesmithfan

    NAMM 2023

    The cost of living is become unaffordable for me anyway buying some high-end mess or overly priced cymbal is way out of the question. I have a feeling there’s a lot of people out there in the exact same situation as me.
  15. stevesmithfan

    Which gone (or still present!) drumshop would you like to visit again, if you had the chance?

    Creative Drum Shop Scottsdale AZ closed a long time ago.
  16. stevesmithfan

    Steve Smith Drum Clinic

    Not a word
  17. stevesmithfan

    Welch Tuning System

    Changing heads would be difficult in my opinion
  18. stevesmithfan

    Steve Smith Drum Clinic

    Steve Smith gave a very good drum clinic last week in my town.
  19. stevesmithfan

    Just Bought My First 20" Crash and Boy is it LOUD!

    I play only 20 inch crashes you have to get used to them
  20. stevesmithfan

    Mike Bordin is an Animal...And Faith No More is Pretty Amazing too

    FNM get a peaches and Herb song called Reunited and it sounds amazing!