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  1. drawtheline55

    Ringo's drum riser on the Ed Sullivan Show

    Man thats a small stage to put a drum kit on, looks like he could have easily fallen of backwards a big hurt if that happened, never knew it was that tight, thanks for the post.
  2. drawtheline55

    Hi I'm new here

    Hello. Allenb, nice set up you have there and welcome to the forum. Ben
  3. drawtheline55

    Just another new guy.

    Hello Jaybrd and welcome to the forum. Ben
  4. drawtheline55

    Live From My Drum Room With Vinnie Colaiuta!

    Nice, the Great Vinnie C, saw him at a drum clinic in Natick MA umpteen yrs ago. Serious smoke on the drums.
  5. drawtheline55

    OT-Lost my dad yesterday

    Very sorry to hear, the best to you and your family, it's never easy.
  6. drawtheline55

    Def Leppard Makes Good

    Very cool !
  7. drawtheline55

    Tina Turner has passed on at 83

    No words, so talented, so beautiful and those legs, RIP Tina !
  8. drawtheline55

    UPS Rant - and FYI

    My days of shipping kits are over. As has been said before but will point out again, the ONLY way to have the kit insured is for them UPS or Fed Ex to pack it and thats big money and then you ship a 4 or 5 piece kit and one tom or the kick gets mangled now what, do you have to insure each box...
  9. drawtheline55

    2023 Chicago Drum Show - Walkthrough Video

    Great video here.
  10. drawtheline55

    NEW SQ2 + !!!

    I am truly jealous....seriously, words cant describe that kit.....except Dang !
  11. drawtheline55

    Chicago Show Tid Bits

    Looks like another great show. Some pretty sweet kits, snares etc.
  12. drawtheline55

    Old guy new to forum

    Welcome to the forum, nice set up you have there, like the mixnmatch. Ben
  13. drawtheline55

    All our drum sets

    Some nice kits out there, here is my gaggle of geese, somewhat cluttered as I am going thru stuff in my basement to chuck, but all playable.
  14. drawtheline55


    Good point...Willie Nelson, big star, fine singer...but last I checked, that Aint any kind of rock.
  15. drawtheline55

    Who has played British Drum Company? How do the drums compare to the traditional brands?

    I have the Impe Kit, very, very nice, small but big sound, the kick is punchy and gives me enough resistance if your will and the toms sing, very fine drums and snares.
  16. drawtheline55

    Can't start new conversation / send private message

    Sorry didnt see this, you need 10 posts elsewhere to pm, 50 posts to put aan item for sale.
  17. drawtheline55

    Aerosmith (minus Joey Kramer) announces farewell tour

    I think it is his drum tech.
  18. drawtheline55

    Aerosmith (minus Joey Kramer) announces farewell tour

    As a fan of both bands I would say you are right..BUT its the mix that make Aerosmith great and that lead singer guy....he is the main ticket seller, no band.
  19. drawtheline55

    Aerosmith (minus Joey Kramer) announces farewell tour

    I am a huge fan, seen them over 60 times, have seen them without Joey in the early 80s, a very different sound. Going to be tough without Joey, looks like they are playing Boston. new yrs eve. 1st time was Boston fall of 1973 tix were 3 bucks.
  20. drawtheline55

    Chicago Drum Show May 20th and 21st, who is going ?

    Glad you are going Kat, very sorry to hear about your mother, RIP. Ben