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  1. Sambo84

    Bass drum foot freezing up?

    Glad this thread is getting revived! Honestly it is still a challenge for me. Some things that have helped : - working on the first few exercises in "Bass Drum Control" book -exercises in New Breed book Since I play mostly punk and metal now I tend to use a tighter spring tension. Setting the...
  2. Sambo84

    Today is release day of my first Jazz album as leader

    I'd say that 's some solid contemporary jazz music ! Jazz isn't my forte anymore but it's exactly the type of music I aspired to play in that phase, listening to artists like Aaron Parks. Your band is a quartet ? Great live recordings --the drums sound crisp and everything sounds well balanced...
  3. Sambo84

    Any suggestions on where to get a bunch of used drumheads ?

    I'm looking to find about 4-5 used / busted / any-condition drumheads for an art project--preferably larger the better and coated but pretty much anything 14" or bigger would do. I thought about contacting schools or music stores to see if they might have some stuff ready to throw out--got any...
  4. Sambo84

    What is the general price reduction that dealers will go down on a new, in stock kit.

    Wow I didn't even realize paying less than MAP was a possibility any more. I wish there were more independent shops here in DFW but right now our only option is pretty much Guitar Center which I'm pretty sure doesn't negotiate at all on prices any more.
  5. Sambo84

    Rogers Floor Tom Legs

    So I lost the original floor tom legs to this drum a long time ago and just recently ordered the newer reproduction legs that Rogers is making now. Honestly I haven't used this drum in so long that I seem to have forgotten if this is how the legs were supposed to fit. The groove inside the...
  6. Sambo84

    Who makes the giantest cowbell?

    This is my go-to cowbell for a low bonky sound: LP Rock Ridge Rider I think the plastic strip helps...
  7. Sambo84

    Zildjian 19" K China Boy

    Looking for a Zildjian 19" K China Boy to replace the one I lost years ago.
  8. Sambo84

    Anyone used line array type PA system for a full band gig ?

    The guy at Guitar Center did recommend the Bose over other systems because the speakers are all individually angled within the enclosure. I did walk all the way around the system as it was playing and couldn't notice any change in sound--had to admit it was impressive!
  9. Sambo84

    Anyone used line array type PA system for a full band gig ?

    Great info here --interesting that it shows them using multiple units. Bose now offers the Pro8 and Pro16--wondering now if I do go with it to maybe get 2 of the Pro8's (rather than one Pro16) --and place them on either side of the stage.
  10. Sambo84

    Facebook and sales tax

    Yes a lot of sellers do offer to ship items on Facebook marketplace. I think that's the only reason you would use their payment system. I only use FB if it's something I can meet with the seller to buy locally. In that case can pay with cash/Zelle/Venmo and no tax or fees. Just like selling on...
  11. Sambo84

    Moon Gel vs Solar system Gel

    may as well just use the moongel practice pad xD
  12. Sambo84

    Anyone used line array type PA system for a full band gig ?

    I've been looking into these for a wedding , and then keeping to use for small gigs with the band (which justifies purchasing rather than renting :D ) I've been looking mainly at these Bose models. It consists of a base unit with basic mix controls and integrated subwoofer with a single tower...
  13. Sambo84

    Do you put anything in your bass drum (pillow, towel, etc)?

    Since I started using pre-muffled batter heads and ported reso I have tended not to put anything inside the kick. Superkick II is my favorite pre-muffled head (have only tried the clear but may try the coated one next), and I've also used EMAD and the Powerstroke from Remo . However, since going...
  14. Sambo84

    Performing with screens

    I knew the lead singer of a rock band we played with who always would read the lyrics off of his phone on stage. Kinda drove me crazy as it's just sort of distracting and keeps him from being able to move around and have stage presence in a rock band. An orchestra or jazz band looking at charts...
  15. Sambo84

    Do younger siblings tend to pick up drums more to be heard?

    I'm the baby out of 3--maybe that explains it !
  16. Sambo84

    Rogers Holiday Tom Arm Question

    Great video and way more than I ever knew about the whole swivo system! I'm not sure if he was saying it was actually a mistake that they put 4 holes in it , but as a lefty I can at least appreciate the idea that the 4 holes were to allow switching the screws to the other side (although to be...
  17. Sambo84

    Rogers Holiday Tom Arm Question

    Thanks, good to know it is complete!
  18. Sambo84

    Rogers Holiday Tom Arm Question

    I am thinking about selling my Rogers set and suddenly wondering something about this tom arm . It only had 2 screws going to the ball joint ever since I've had it (bought it second hand). Probably a silly question but is this supposed to have all 4 screws in it ? Common sense tells me it...
  19. Sambo84

    Gibraltar X-Hat Attachment

    I picked this up a while back and am just now getting around to using it. Only I can't figure out exactly what this piece is supposed to attach to ... The opening is the size to go onto a cymbal arm, only it is not threaded on the inside. The tightening bolt looks like the only thing that would...
  20. Sambo84

    Downgrading...midlife crisis

    I am also at a similar age and place in life... have played pretty regularly for some years but have commitments to family and a regular job. I also keep one nice kit around and really don't think we should feel bad about it. I have that feeling of not being able to justify to my self having...