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  1. gbow

    Some questions for those making drumming videos

    That video camera is fine. Better to spend money on good lighting, mics, DAWs, and learning professional recording techniques. Line in is completely unnecessary and fairly useless to be honest. Best to have your kit mic'd and recorded to DAW for production. The camera mic can record audio...
  2. gbow

    What’s been your easiest paid gig ever?

    Many years ago... We mostly played College campuses as that was our biggest audience. We were at a place in Tampa, FL called "The Spotted Stag," which was close to the campus of the University of South FL. Turned out the "Stag" was a country bar, which was the farthest thing from our repertoire...
  3. gbow

    Show us your ‘rescued’ drum items

    Two pictures tell the whole story. That's not a story of rescuing a vintage instrument, it's a story of rescuing a brand new one!! I purchased the stave shell from Daville drums. Awesome shell, but they don't take well to dropping them on a concrete floor when they have no rims for support...
  4. gbow

    What do you end up doing with kits you don't need when you don't need the money?

    I'm clearly in the hoarder category :) I've made the joke a few times that when I die, just pile everything up and have a bonfire! And it is just a joke, actually when I die I expect my wife to come here and put everything up for sale! She is in much better health than I am, so I fully expect...
  5. gbow

    Favorite ride cymbal diameter

    Rides are tricky to me. I don't like a lot of wash, I like a defined "ping" and I like a good bell. It has always seemed hard to get all that just right. Many times not about the size, but seems I've mostly used 21's or 22's. I am currently using a 21" Zildjian k custom special dry. Which is...
  6. gbow

    Snare mic for gigs, recommendations

    Earthworks DM-20. I use them on snare and toms, pulls in the snares better especially if you only have one mic. gabo
  7. gbow

    How close to the bass drum do you sit, or, does your snare overhang your bass drum?

    Yep, everyone is different. I am only 5'6" and I sit very tall and way back. My toms hang over the back edge of the bass drum. My seat is about 24" when it squishes down. I do have my toms left of the bass drum, I don't like toms mounted on the bass drum, I have a hard time getting them far...
  8. gbow

    The End of the Music Business - Ethan Iverson.

    ^^This. I actually curate a playlist on Spotify, I started doing it just to try to help a bit. Of course, like all these things, I get hundreds of submissions that are not very good. But over time, I have collected a number of really great songs, well produced and well played. Songs that could...
  9. gbow

    is this normal for a new beater?

    With the wear mark being at the edge of the beater, it may not be contacting the head perfectly flat. Of course that can be hard to do some times, some pedals don't have the adjustments and even if they do it can change the feel of the pedal. So it might not be possible to get it flat and keep...
  10. gbow

    My 5,000th post and a give-away contest, AND THE WINNER IS...

    What a great and fun thing to do! No numbers for me, I can't find a place to put everything I have now. Just wanted to give my support for doing it. gabo
  11. gbow

    Backing Tracks - Yea or Nay?

    How do YOU feel about backing tracks? There are many ways they are deployed. Many of our favorite old bands that were 4 or 5 piece bands now tour with 10-15 people on stage plus all sorts of backing tracks. It generally sounds just like the record. Then there are a few bands, I recall the last...
  12. gbow


    Yea, for now since I'm a heavy DAW user and do a lot of session work, so I have mic's, interfaces, preamps, etc. etc. So for my situation, just to dip my toe in and see if there is anything I would like to use, I may try either Ableton or a plug in to my existing DAW. Ableton Lite is only $99...
  13. gbow


    Yes, he's using Ableton. Maybe with a midi switcher pedal? I hear you about the mic situation, I have all the mics but setting everything up for that scenario is a bit of a pain. It would require a mixer to mix all the drums into either a mono or stereo out to feed the looper. Of course I could...
  14. gbow

    The Ultimate Sonor SQ2 Drums Comparison | Part 2

    I'll 2nd that! Waiting for the "DrumCenterNH samples" for SD3! Or AD2 or Slate, whoever gives you the best deal to make them. Awesome recordings! gabo
  15. gbow


    Anyone using a looper with their drums? I was interested in playing around with it a bit and found this video. Pretty cool.
  16. gbow

    The End of the Music Business - Ethan Iverson.

    That's fine. But do be aware that myself and most of the other "old people" here will still support you and your music. That's what we do, no hard feelings. I would be more than willing to put a bit of cash in your tip jar or buy and album. And it doesn't have to be a wax plate and cave...
  17. gbow

    The End of the Music Business - Ethan Iverson.

    Yep, nobody under 20 here. They are all playing video games. They have nothing to say about this subject. You made all the old people's points perfectly! --- Please note that I am listed as "double platinum supporting member." I.e. I spend money on and support music and drumming. Yours... and...
  18. gbow

    The End of the Music Business - Ethan Iverson.

    I haven't read all this thread so maybe this has been covered. But it's not just the streaming and things like AI that is a problem. It's in the make up of young people and all the other things that attract their attention, gaming, phones, etc. etc. etc. In my area, local bands in bars and...
  19. gbow

    Converting accustic to electric drum help

    Congratulations! That's a great kit. I have had all sorts of things, my current set up is an ATV aDrums set, similar to your EFnote. But I don't use the ATV module. I like the ATV snare and the hihats and ride are top notch, and it all looks better than the pads IMHO. One thing that you can do...
  20. gbow

    Converting accustic to electric drum help

    Well as with most things eDrums, it can be difficult and complicated depending on how well you want it to work. The easy way is to use some external triggers, but these are mostly made for triggering real drums without making them quiet. Which works well for that purpose, but not as well if you...