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    End of a personal era for me

    Outdoors in Phoenix. Dang. You are a better man than I am. But I love the fact that your boy is up there along with you. That is a lifetime of goodness in front of him. Is that kit the one you've been using all along, or have you mixed it up? Those are strong shells to take that kind of...
  2. J

    The same songs, over and over..

    That is a killer gig though dude. If you're going to play covers, then I can't think of many bands/catalogs that would be more enjoyable to play. Good for you!
  3. J

    Lido shuffle

    I agree. It is three different grooves through the song. And it's fun to play - challenging to get right really. Every time I play it right I ask myself "but does it groove?". That's a lot harder than just playing it.
  4. J

    Mr. Mister quick reunion (Facebook video)

    Agree completely. I saw Pat M with Stick Men in February, and he stuck around and met people from the gig afterward. I always wondered about his electronics setup with the Misters because he played Dynacord pads back when almost no one else did in the US. He was extremely kind and I think he...
  5. J

    Bass pedal cover?

    If you are using the DW MFG pedal line, my solution is to lay clear wide packing tape cross ways starting at the bottom of the footboard, overlap each piece slightly with the tape edge below it like roof shingles. Just cut the edges with scissors to shape after you lay on the pieces. The...
  6. J

    Shoulder surgery

    Can you say what your diagnosis actually is? I may have some advice I can offer. Do you have Shoulder Impingement Syndrome? Or rotator cuff tear? Torn ligaments? From which muscle to which bone, etc.? Did you have a contrast CT, MRI, etc.? Historically I had some shoulder issues that I was...
  7. J

    Living Colour! Will Calhoun!

    He's also a really cool guy. I was wandering Memphis Drum Shop a few years back and he was in the store buying heads for their gig that night. I was walking around the snare collection and saw him, and walked up to say thank you for his influence on my playing and for the great music. He...
  8. J

    Neil Peart splash cymbals

    Do the newer (current) Wuhans have longer/different decay on their chinas?
  9. J

    Neil Peart splash cymbals

    This above I totally agree with. Neil's china-type crash sounds are extremely dry and decay fast. He must have been hitting them real hard. Mystic Rhythms, for example....
  10. J

    Neil Peart splash cymbals

    The funny part is; when you listen to his recorded cymbal sound you would not think he's hitting that hard all the time. He extracted a lot of musicality from his cymbals, particularly splashes and hats, in a way that would make you think he hit with a lot of subtle dynamics and control. I...
  11. J

    Adhesive choice for bass drum hoop protectors

    I have found that the DrumNBass rubber and Kenner both are not very strong to hold up to various clamp positions and pressures - particularly if your pedal has a small clamp contact pad area like several current pedals. So I changed over to use what is normally referred to as Paint Protection...
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    Editing a thread

    Yes it might. Because Chrome is my laptop-based browser of preference, and it's broken for edits. It just sits and clocks forever, it doesn't give a web page error or something obvious. But using Chrome on my phone is fine. I just used Edit to add this part of the post as a test.
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    Editing a thread

    Yes, but only on my laptop-based web browsers. Editing on the mobile phone web browser works fine for me. Try both and see if yours have the same result.
  14. J

    Dean Castronova Pipes

    What's impressive to me is that he can keep good vocal intonation at that high register while hitting the drums that hard. He's really wailing on that kit, and while I thought the 2009 Manila video performance was technically better (I noticed he watered down some drum parts near the end of...
  15. J

    Steve Smith Drum Clinic

    I would go see him in clinic, but I don't see anywhere that has his upcoming dates/scheduled clinics. It's not in his personal website, although all the tour dates for Vital Information are there. Is there a different location to find his upcoming ones?
  16. J

    "Club Paiste" Initiation Story

    "...licking her teeth at me like a Pearl Drops toothpaste commercial..." Rolling on the floor at that one. Good write-up.
  17. J

    In drum microphones

    The idea of drilling bothers me so I just use Beta 91A on a foam sled that I fabricated to hold the mic in position without damaging the shell interior finish. If someone wants to mic the kick using another mic on a small stand through the front head port that's totally fine with me, but for my...
  18. J

    Tama Titan Tilter Gasket

    No problem, I'll DM you and you can reply to that with details.
  19. J

    The Tama thread

    Love the Starman heads - a fitting tribute. Fine detail work in the layout and specifications of your rack / kit also. Compliments to you -
  20. J

    Picked up this pig for a hundie.

    That drum probably has a lot of soul in it....