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    What is your favorite head combo for your Stage Customs

    I ran clear ambassador tops, stock rezo's.
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    The Ultimate Sonor SQ2 Drums Comparison | Part 2

    Awesome video! Tony really knocked it out of the park. Very happy with my SQ2 Beech with medium toms/thin floors but those vintage shells, all of them, sound great!
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    Do you ever feel like you're not good enough for your band?

    I've been playing in bands for 45 years. Every once in a while I get the privilege to play with people that scare me they're so good. Makes me step up my game, keeps me on my toes.... and I'm phenomenal except when I'm not! :icon_lol:
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    This is for you older guys. Anyone using hearing aids and if so, how does it affect your gigging?

    Insurance? Mine covered most of the cost and they were north of $5000.
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    This is for you older guys. Anyone using hearing aids and if so, how does it affect your gigging?

    I take them out. I use IEM's so they have to come out. Have had mine a little over a year, great little devices. The worst part is I have hyperacusis too, double whammy.
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    OT Joke Thread

    Why do farts smell? So deaf people can enjoy them too.
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    Nerd transition complete: I weighed my cymbals today

    I told a couple guys at a drum shop once that I should've dated the cymbals I bought because I tend to hold onto them for years. Would be kinda cool to see just how old some of them are. Of course, being smartass drummers, they said that dating cymbals is probably illegal in most states...
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    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Welcome, like you I was a long time lurker and joined up not too long ago. I use to live at south the end of I-95... in Miami. Great place to be from!
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    Bird's Eye views

    I play open handed. SQ2 with Paiste Signatures.
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    Barton Drums and Their Beech Kits

    Well, Journey did this to Steve Smith too when he rejoined the group. He had to buy BIGGER drums, his signature kit with a 20' kick didn't cut it. GLWS.
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    Sonor SQ2 mounting system issue

    As I stated before.... did you contact the dealer you bought them from? I had the same problem, emailed the dealer and had a free replacement in 2 days.
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    Sonor SQ2 mounting system issue

    I had the same part fail on my 13" SQ2 tom. I got a free replacement going through the dealer I bought my kit from. Yes, it was a total PITA to get the new one in the holes. I also bent the mount to put less pressure on the sustainer since it screws into that plastic/rubbery part and would...
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    Barton Drums

    Well, I'm not in the habit of bashing people/companies but a simple, "hey... yeah, we don't have that kit you're looking for available right now and we fixed the webpage, sorry for the confusion." Would have been just as easy. Oh well.
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    Barton Drums

    I went to their site and checked out their Beech Bomber kit. They listed a 7-piece and it showed 2 available to purchase on their site AND that they only sell through resellers so I asked about it. Instead of getting a reply, they just took the pictures of it and the drop-down selecting it off...
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    How accurate do you expect movies featuring drums (or bands) to be?

    I especially like it when the snare is on the 1 and 3 and kick on the 2 and 4. Makes my head explode but hey, as long as the lip-sync matches the actor/singer faking it.
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    New Sonor SQ2 kit advice sought

    The dealer makes the difference. I had one issue with the tom mount on my 13". The rubber sustainer that the knob screws into at the bottom stripped out. Contacted the dealer, they went to their Sonor rep and I got a replacement in 2 days.
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    This game is OVER…

    Looks like she was preggy. Floating stages were cool but not much else.
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    Dream Bliss Overview & Some Reggae Playing

    Nice cymbals. I had a couple Bliss paper thin crashes, got them new for little $. Used them you a year or so and sold them for a profit.
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    If you're thinking of ordering a Sonor SQ2 kit...

    This is me, I gig with these weekly. Yes, there are Roland triggers also. Second pic is the whole kit.
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    If you're thinking of ordering a Sonor SQ2 kit...

    ^ Correct. He quoted me my price based on the lower MAP.