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    Do you get depressed about YOUR music scene ?

    I think you and your friend may have found the sWest spot. I've been thinking this for a while. People that grew up thinking the best way to enjoy music is live and loud still think that. I went to a Joe Bonamassa concert at a winery last night. The place was loaded with 60+ year old people...
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    I thought I wanted 24" bass drums...

    I had a 24" bass drum for a long time. I'm not tall and the height of the toms got to be just too much. I started mounting the ride tom on a snare stand which helped a little bit no other mounted tom. Finally I sold it and got a new set with a 20" and have never looked back.
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    Alesis vs Roland

    Thanks for the input @cochlea and @bpaluzzi. The EFNote and ATV looked interesting. But I don't think I really want one that looks like a real drum set. Too big. The DTX8 and the Roland one are also going with the real look with the shells and real drum hardware. What is point to the...
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    Alesis vs Roland

    I am in the same boat as @Houndog. I have up to $4,000 to spend. I want to buy my first electronic drum set to quietly practice and have fun playing. Maybe some recording at some point. Quiet is a big driver for me. I might he moving to a condo at some point. I want the best on board...
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    down to one drumset

    I have never owned more than 1 drum set or more than 2 snare drums at one time. I am pretty soon though going to own 1drum set and 1 electronic drum set.
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    Yamaha snare stand broke

    The only problem I have ever had with a Yamaha snare drum stand was a stripped tightening screw for height adjustment. My local drum shop fixed it for me for less than the cost of a new stand so it's all good now.
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    Aerosmith (minus Joey Kramer) announces farewell tour

    Who is his drum tech?
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    Looking for musician biographies recommendations. I’ve read a ton!

    I recently read "Time is Tight" by Booker T Jones. It was really good. A lot of information about the songs he wrote and recorded on. Then I saw him in concert in January. The man is a musical genius. Would recommend it to anyone.
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    Aerosmith (minus Joey Kramer) announces farewell tour

    Who is going to be playing drums with them? Article doesn't say. Are they looking for someone? I'm free. I'd do it. Call me Steven.
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    80's Remo Drums

    In 1990 my band got a corporate gig in Cherry Hill, NJ. We were in Dallas. So they hired a sound company to provide the equipment and run sound. The drum set was a Remo. They seemed like very nice good sounding drums to my ears
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    Recording the kit with a single SM57

    This is how I record my Yamaha Stage Customs. Might not sound as good as Record Plant recordings with many expensive mics, but for the recordings I make to share with family and friends, it sounds pretty damn good.
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    Yamaha stage custom value

    I have a Yamaha Stage Custom (10/12/14/20) I bought new in 1997 and it kicks ass. But yeah, if the drums are on good shape and all its missing is one head and only $200, I'd jump on it.
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    E-Drum Sound Through Speakers, and Other Old Person Stuff

    I get it. I am thinking of getting an electronic drum set too to practice on so as not to disturb others and allow me to practice more. But for playing gigs and jamming I'll still take along the real drums. I recorded 2 at home albums. Electronic drums would be easier for that. But I haven't...
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    E-Drum Sound Through Speakers, and Other Old Person Stuff

    This is why I love my acoustic drums so much. No electronics at all. Totally physical and analog. The stuff the OP talks about sounds like guitar player stuff.
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    Jazz Albums - What are you listening to?

    Miles Davis - Miles Smiles I'm smiling.
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    Best one-named song

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    Best one-named song

    Pointer Sisters
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    Who were the greatest piano trios of all time?

    Hank Jones, Buster Williams, Tony Williams Teddy Wilson, Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa
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    Added another drummer to our band

    Very cool. Way to go Dad!