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  1. lanebune

    Just scored these Tamas

    I just bought an 83 Imperialstar set with two concert toms 13 and 14 with re-rings. It came with all the original hardware Hats and three cymbals all Zildjian. Really the reason I bought it was because it came with a 1965 Supraphonic, but I think I'm going to like the drums too! I'll post some...
  2. lanebune

    The First Drummer(s) You Saw Live - Who, Where, When?

    Dennis Wilson the Beach Boys At Lagoon Amusement park in Utah. 1966 Jimmy Carl Black the Mothers of Invention Two months after the Beach Boys at the same place. Man what a segue!
  3. lanebune

    You might have posted about Rogers a lot, but not me!

    Here are some I sold some time back. I'm still kicking myself. 20, 12, 14 w/snare Red glass. 24, 13, 16, 18 WMP. 22. 12, 13 16 Mojave Red.
  4. lanebune

    You might have posted about Rogers a lot, but not me!

    here you go! Love the Rogers pics!
  5. lanebune

    Crazy rare Slingerland kit

    The set in my profile pic is the same except its a 63 with an 18" bass drum 12 14.
  6. lanebune

    Slingerleedy 20-12-14 dark blue sparkle

    I agree on the 14" sounds great. Mine is 1965. The FT is recovered, but matches pretty good. I love it. Good job on the restoration. Looks like a bit of work for sure.
  7. lanebune

    Your childhood drum photos

    I have shown this before, maybe I never should again! I was 14 this was 1966.
  8. lanebune

    70s Slingerland Bop kit

    Here is my September 1963 set in red glass glitter 18" 12" 14" matching 6 lug snare. You don't see Slingerland 18" bass very often, and this bass has a very interesting interior. Your set looks good and probably sounds good too!
  9. lanebune

    Songs from your first set list...

    Lots of current things. (at the time1966) I remember the Doors, The Grass Roots, Paul Revere and the Raiders, then Later Santana, Doobie Brothers. Then Music got more complicated And interesting.
  10. lanebune

    WFL De Luxe Marble Paramount

    Here is a pic of the other one. It's not in as good of shape as the other one.
  11. lanebune

    WFL De Luxe Marble Paramount

    I just sold this, but I have another one just like it dated April 21 1941(written inside in White). No bottom heads. Mine are both the Deluxe Capital Outfit like Kurt's.
  12. lanebune

    Not a big fan of the cowbell

    Left foot on hats, right foot on bass drum, right hand on cowbell, left hand on snare. You only have so many limbs.
  13. lanebune

    Not a big fan of the cowbell

    The only one I play it on is a Beatles song "You can't do that". I have about 7cowbells, but usually forget to bring any of them to a gig. the other two bands don't require cowbells.
  14. lanebune

    OT: Art

    I don't make art, but I've owned and operated an art gallery for 35 years. My wife is a very accomplished artist that has been working for over 50 years. The arts ain't easy, as musicians we know that all to well , but we've managed to get along just fine. If anyone is interested check out...
  15. lanebune

    For you singing drummers - throat spray

    I had trouble a few years ago. I decided to go get a check up. Was sent to an ear, nose and throat doc and he prescribed Omeprazole. Turns out I had a relative of acid reflux, (can't recall the exact name now.) Anyway I sang lead for many years and in the past 20, or so years I sing mostly high...
  16. lanebune


    As I've told you before I was in a band called the Lights from 81-84. Just had our annual get together last Saturday. your stuff kicks butt, great playing and dynamics. Great musicality and vocals. As I recall, you sang leads and Backups? Anyway great job.
  17. lanebune

    Help identifying this snare

    Actually they are Pearl Presidents. Ludwig Universal looks right, but I wish I could get a closer pic. Anyway here's a few more shots. They're 400.00 bucks for the whole lot. I've had a few Pearl Presidents through here and they all sounded pretty good. The blue sparkle 13, 22 are Pearl...
  18. lanebune

    Help identifying this snare

    This is a ways to drive, so I don't want to just take a joy ride to see it. Any help appreciated. I can't seem to get a bigger image.