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  1. drumminjc

    WTB - DW Gold Badge Toms

    Hi. I’m looking for orphan DW Tom’s from the gold badge era. I’d like the following sizes if anybody has some available. 8x7, 10x7 or 10x8, or 13x9 Finish doesn’t matter as I plan to wrap them in blue glass. Thanks!
  2. drumminjc

    ISO - Gold Badge DW Collector's Series Blue Glass Tom

    Greetings all! I'm on the hunt for a gold badge era DW blue glass floor tom in either 12x14 or 16x18 with chrome hardware on legs. Thanks!
  3. drumminjc


    I have up for grabs a 6.5x14 Nickel over brass b-stock snare with black nickel hardware. Comes with the stock DW heads and wires, 3mm true hoops, mag throw, and 3-p butt plate. I’ve had this snare for less than 3 weeks and have decided I wanted to get the 3mm bell brass snare instead. Drum is in...
  4. drumminjc

    ISO - DW Orphan Toms or Collector's Series Lugs

    I am looking for orphan DW Collector's series toms or tom lugs in chrome. I need 16 lugs total. Thanks!
  5. drumminjc

    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    I have a 60's era Del Rey MIJ set in WMP. Would love to find a matching 16" floor tom if available.
  6. drumminjc


    BUMP - Reduced to $225 shipped.
  7. drumminjc


    Thank you @TPC and @drummerjohn333! I too purchased a set of 3035's and am now using them as my main overheads. I'm also running a third as a second kick drum mic. Pretty impressed by the sound of these mics.
  8. drumminjc


    I have a pair of Audio-Technica AT2035 condenser mics for sale in excellent condition. I used these mics for overheads but they can be used in a variety of ways. Mics include the shock mounts as well as a -10db pad and low cut switch on each mic. The mics are damage free and the shock mounts...
  9. drumminjc

    ISO - Gretsch Renown Walnut

    I'm currently looking for the following shells from the Renown Walnut line in natural to black fade. 7x8 Rack Tom 18x16 Floor Tom 20x16 bass drum I've attached a picture of the drums I have for finish reference. I live in Georgia so shipping would be needed if possible. TIA!
  10. drumminjc

    WTB 6x14 or 6.5x14 DW Smooth Bronze Snare Drum

    Bump. Still on the hunt. :)
  11. drumminjc


    Bump. REDUCED to $2000.
  12. drumminjc

    WTB 6x14 or 6.5x14 DW Smooth Bronze Snare Drum

    Sending you a PM
  13. drumminjc

    WTB 6x14 or 6.5x14 DW Smooth Bronze Snare Drum

    As stated, I am looking for the smooth, non-knurled finish. Thanks in advance!
  14. drumminjc

    SoldDW Cast Bronze 6x14 snare

    I know this is a long shot but did this drum ever sell?
  15. drumminjc


    I have for sale a DW Performance Series shell pack in Black Diamond Finish Ply. The sizes are below. 8x10 rt 9x12 rt 12x14 ft w/legs 14x16 ft w/legs 16x18 ft w/legs 18x24 bd I have evans uv1 batters on all of the toms and g1 clear resos. The bass drum has an emad2 batter and a brand new White...
  16. drumminjc


    I’m looking to sell my 22” Artisan Elite Ride. It’s in excellent condition with minimal signs of use. It’s got a dark/smoky wash and a very buttery feel when you lay into it. Video demo can be found below. Asking $375 shipped to US only. I accept PayPal and the Cash App. Feel free to...
  17. drumminjc


    12 plies of cherry in an HVLT configuration finished in satin natural lacquer to accentuate the beautiful grain of the wood. The drum is in excellent condition showing minor signs of use. It is outfitted with chrome hardware including 3mm True Hoops, Mag Throw, and 3p Butt Plate. Asking $550...
  18. drumminjc

    SOLD** 2017 Ludwig Acrophonic $350

    Beautiful drum. Heavily contemplating it.
  19. drumminjc


    Lightly used and in excellent condition. Asking $125 shipped cash or PayPal. Shipping to CONUS only. Will be glad to meet up if youre near Elberton, GA.
  20. drumminjc


    BUMP $375 shipped