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  1. jashoup

    Canopus Hammered Bronze 6.5x14

    Canopus Hammered Bronze 6.5x14 snare in beautiful shape. Beefy die cast hoops. Original Canopus snare wires. I've played this on maybe a couple of dozen gigs. Unless in use on a gig, it's been in storage in a hard sided case (case not included with sale). I still have the Canopus-logo stock...
  2. jashoup

    Regal Tip 7A alternatives

    My teacher has been playing Regal Tip 7A's since the 1960s. (He just turned 88.) He's got a few pair left but they're getting hard to come by. Anyone know of any brands producing good quality copycat sticks these days? Thanks in advance.
  3. jashoup

    SOLD Yamaha FP9-C Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

    actually sold already on reverb. lucky me.
  4. jashoup

    SOLD Yamaha FP9-C Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

    More photos
  5. jashoup

    SOLD Yamaha FP9-C Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

    Lightly used and ready for many more years of service. Includes all original parts except the beater. There is a heavy duty Danmar hard felt replacement beater included. A strap drive is included, which can easily be swapped in for the chain, if you prefer. Also includes a very handy carrying...
  6. jashoup

    SOLD DW 5000 AD4 Accelerator Single Pedal $175 shipped US48

    Now $175 shipped US48
  7. jashoup

    Marcus Gilmore's Bop Tuning

    Saw his presentation at PASIC 2021. That was a spiritual experience. Not the greatest photo quality, but check out that setup. He captivated the big room at PASIC with a solo performance and only one cymbal on the kit! Played a bunch of really nice ideas over different ostinato patterns played...
  8. jashoup

    SOLD DW 5000 AD4 Accelerator Single Pedal $175 shipped US48

    I bought this pedal new around 2018. It has all of the latest DW bells and whistles. This was one of my gigging pedals so it only came out for shows and spent the rest of the time stored away from dust and moisture. All adjustments work great. 100% original, including the beater with some...
  9. jashoup

    18” Zildjian crash cymbals

    The 19" K Con Crash/Ride is worth considering
  10. jashoup

    K custom dark vs K Light hats

    I have both the 14" and 15" K Lights and they're some of my favorite pairs of hats. My 14's are 890/1105g. They're probably my favorite hats for jazz and softer volume gigs right now. I definitely would not take them on a rock gig though. This pair, at least, is a far cry from any New Beats I've...
  11. jashoup

    Drilling holes for rivets?

    Another thing, if you're looking to do multiple holes, get a drum shell drilling layout mat. You can center the cymbal on it and it helps guide your drilling so that the holes are spaced out evenly. You can download it free here: I took it to Staples and...
  12. jashoup

    Drilling holes for rivets?

    I bought a cheap drill press at Menard's a few years back, specifically to use on cymbals (of course it comes in handy for other things, too). It was less than $100 at the time, and I've used it to drill dozens of cymbals, both my own and for friends. With a little light pressure and a good...
  13. jashoup

    20” vs 22” K Con Rides

    It was a really amazing trip. I thought that after 35+ years of nerding out about cymbals that I'd be a little jaded seeing how the sausage is made, so to speak, but I turned into a little kid again while walking through the factory. I have a few photos and stuff to share, maybe I need to make a...
  14. jashoup

    Zildjian 15" K Fat Hats demo

    I got to try a couple pairs of these late last year. They kind of reminded me of the sound of modern New Beat hats, but a little "fatter" sounding, if that makes any sense, LOL. (In fact, when I said those exact words to my Zildjian rep, he replied "that's exactly what we were going for!") They...
  15. jashoup

    20” vs 22” K Con Rides

    Pretty much agree on all of the above. The 22" Renaissance is almost like a K Con rock ride in a way. The one I owned had a killer stick sound on the cymbal body, but the bell was very heavy and "chime like" and I couldn't get with it. Crazily enough it was also very crashable, despite being in...
  16. jashoup

    What does everyone think of the Yamaha EAD-10 drum module ?

    I bought one about a year and a half ago and I use it exclusively for live shows. (I have a Yamaha DTX-8 electronic kit that I use for practice at home, so the home uses of the EAD aren't as important to me.) My main priority was being able to hear myself without depending on a sound guy or...
  17. jashoup

    Good sturdy AND portable music stand?

    Another vote for the Peak. Super transportable and I use a three ringer binder on mine all the time.
  18. jashoup

    What’s your favorite Nefertiti Clone?

    Ding ding ding I have two 22 Bounce rides, one from 2013 and the other from 2022, and they're both very "Nefertiti-istic." Then again I've played other Bounce rides that were quite different.