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  1. Stephen.DeBoard

    The same songs, over and over..

    If a great singer wants to sing a song I'll play it.
  2. Stephen.DeBoard

    Is there a counselling group for ex dw collectors owners? I just traded in a dw collectors.

    The beauty of a musical instrument is it's sound.
  3. Stephen.DeBoard

    Drum hacks

    Yes but they don't stretch too much. They are pretty tight. Here is a Home Depot link.
  4. Stephen.DeBoard

    Drum hacks

    I play a vintage Ludwig kit and I use rubber tarp straps to secure the bass drum at the spur bracket to my drum stool so the bass drum doesn't slide around. I use a shorter one on my right side and a longer one on my left side.
  5. Stephen.DeBoard

    Only One Drum Kit?

    20" X 14" bass drums lack bottom end punch for me. 22" X 14" and 24" X 14" are the Goldilocks zone. I noticed that a lot of players here like 20" bass drums. I personally don't get it. I've had a few and they left me wanting. I'm thinking a deeper shell like 16" or 18" with a 20" may...
  6. Stephen.DeBoard

    What's your favorite drum key/drum tool?

    It isn't the one I use the most but it is my favorite. It's a Remo Swivel Handle / Key Pack that they make for their Djembes. It also works on "regular" drums. The one I use the most is the generic Sound Percussion drum key that I keep on my key chain.
  7. Stephen.DeBoard

    Only One Drum Kit?

    I don't know, these sound pretty good to me!
  8. Stephen.DeBoard

    Only One Drum Kit?

    1. Yamaha Tour Custom or Ludwig Neusonics would be my choice. I would have to play them both in person and then decide. 2. 4 or 5 piece is fine. 3. 12, 13, 16, 18 toms and a 22 or 24 bass drum depending on the sounds of each. I would pick 3 of the toms and 1 of the bass drums.
  9. Stephen.DeBoard

    Your Opinions Needed For Gretsch RB Players Set!

    Why sell the super nice Gretsch? I would sell the parts.
  10. Stephen.DeBoard

    No Surprise: Josh Freese Announced as Foo Fighters Live Drummer.

    They have 3 guitar players and a keyboard player. That's why I thought Dave Grohl should lead the band behind the drums which then could be placed front and center. They do sound great with Josh Freese though. He's tuning his drums more like Dave than Taylor did.
  11. Stephen.DeBoard

    Protocol for Jam Sessions/Open Mic Nights?

    The South Bay Jam in Hermosa Beach, CA is super professional. They use social media and have musicians sign up at the beginning of the week for the Thursday night jam. You know what songs you'll be playing and who you'll be playing them with a few days ahead of time and everything is on...
  12. Stephen.DeBoard

    No Surprise: Josh Freese Announced as Foo Fighters Live Drummer.

    Congratulations to Josh Freese! He just created about 100 new jobs for other drummers to fill. You're great for the economy. Thank you Mr. Freese.
  13. Stephen.DeBoard

    House Kit

    I could be another sub for you. I want to try that 14" bass drum.
  14. Stephen.DeBoard

    Best Yamaha Drums

    I'll buy anything with the Yamaha name on it.
  15. Stephen.DeBoard

    Help me to get my drummer playing way softer

    The simple fact is most rock drummers are not good at playing groove music. A good rock drummer will have good tempo but they will most likely have no subtle swing to their feel and will suffer dynamically. A great rock drummer will intentionally pursue the next level of playing incorporating...
  16. Stephen.DeBoard

    Cast snare: Brass, Bronze or Copper

    I bought one of these in the late 1980s and it's still my favorite sounding snare drum.
  17. Stephen.DeBoard

    Greatest Drummer Ever?

    To me Dennis Chambers is the Michael Jordan of drumming. He literally could play in any band and he can play any style of music convincingly. The greatest? I think there are too many variables in music to list one drummer as the greatest. I've seen unknown drummers posting videos who perform...