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    Impact of die cast on the snare side?

    For me it causes the drum head to have less give when you strike it with the die cast hoops.
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    Poll for those practicing jazz…

    Check out Mengotto play along on Spotify. There are 3 albums but only the tracks for Volume 2 are available, unfortunately. Not sure why that is, but you can get Volume One on YouTube.
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    OT Anniversary Post... Two Photos 40 years apart to the week!

    Enjoyed that very much! Thankyou.
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    WTB Dream 22” flat earth ride

    Mint, around 2400g Thanks
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    Bosphorus Painite Series

    Yes, I liked the 22” at around 2390g. I like the idea they are buried. Never had the nerve to do it myself.
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    Bosphorus Painite Series

    Thankyou! Have you played the Meinl Big Apple Dark? Any comparison?
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    Bosphorus Painite Series

    Does anyone have info on this series? Thanks
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    Hi-Hat Stand for Jazz. Tama Velo Glide or Lever Glide? Or something else?

    I’ll second Canopus, Yamaha Crosstown also. I like the DW ultralight but it does wobble.
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    Your Short Descriptions of Drumming

    Ha! Good point. I play a bikini kit.
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    Your Short Descriptions of Drumming

    You forget your worries and age.
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    Sabian Memphis Ride...

    It is on the quiet side and clean, and cool. That’s a good description.
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    Sabian Memphis Ride...

    I’ve got one, very versatile, dark, more hh than aa. I like the 21” size, small bell and wide lathed top and fully lathed bottom. Really don’t use it though.
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    Zildjian 21” staccato ride prototype

    I have the 20” and am looking one for one a bit bigger in mint condition. Thanks Ed
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    SOLD-Paiste Twenty 20” prototype ride

    Thanks for the link and hope you are feeling better!
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    It Don’t Matter to me by Bread - two versions Jim Gordon!

    The second is the one I’m familiar with, for me this comparison showcases the emotional energy drums can bring to a rock ballet. Thanks!
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    NSD: Super Ludwig 400!

    Wow, that’s a holy grail!
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    Istanbul Agop Turk 18” Crash (1440g)

    Hope springs eternal. I’m in the same club. I did just get a bliss 20” flat earth ride which I like though.
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    Does the DW UL cymbal stand come with a memory lock?

    Thanks for the info that there is no memory lock. Point taken on one reason it may not have one. There is one on the snare and hi hat stand.
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    Does the DW UL cymbal stand come with a memory lock?

    I bought an open box one on Reverb from Musician’s Friend. No memory lock. I contacted them with pics and they said nothing is missing, it’s a different system of locking it on that stand. Thanks!
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    Flat Base Cymbal stands

    DW ultra light are worth looking at. Very stable.