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  1. 5stroke

    Ringo's drum riser on the Ed Sullivan Show

    "Whatever you do, Ringo- don't lean back!"
  2. 5stroke

    Good Times Bad Times bass drum

    Do what feels best for you. If a single or double pedal works, why not? Making music is about the correct feel and sound for the cover or style. The technical difficulty of playing a groove exactly like a recording would seem to be secondary in most cases.
  3. 5stroke

    Tama HH55F The Classic HiHat Stand for vintage cymbals?

    You can always contact Tama support directly to get an official explanation and thorough answer to a Tama related question. I recently contacted Tama and was pleasantly surprised that the rep got back each time (3 separate questions) in the next day or the same day by email. Their support...
  4. 5stroke

    hardware bag w/wheels

    love the idea of split key rings. I have some and will put them in my gear bags.
  5. 5stroke

    Yamaha Cross Town lightweight hardware

    The super wide spread of the Yamaha crosstown legs seems like using a complete set of them would be too cluttered to fit into a tight band footprint. Has anyone had this issue using a set of them? I've used the Yamaha Crosstown Concert Snare stand for concert band and this is apparent when all...
  6. 5stroke

    Ludwig Acrolites – Pewter Grey / Black Galaxy – 1980s / 1990s

    I switched out hoops on my '78 Acro from the stock triple flange to an S Hoop. The difference was immediately noticable- with the S Hoop the sound was more intense and focused, so I've kept it on the Acro, which is my go-to workhorse for just about any gig.
  7. 5stroke

    Replacement Strainer for Tama 3.25 x 14 Maple Piccolo Snare

    I contacted Tama support via email and the response (s) were Fast! Not only for the strainer replacement question but also an additional issue for a Speedcobra bass pedal where the hoop clamp nut isn't screwing into the bolt (due to threading issues?). The rep got back for each question the...
  8. 5stroke

    Who are your favorite underrated or unjustly bashed drummers?

    That's what I think of when I hear Motian playing brushes with Bill Evan's trios. Pure brush bliss.
  9. 5stroke

    Hazelshould Drums and Cymbals

    To my ears, he does some of the best cymbal demos for a retailer. Most of the other ones just smash away endlessly, clanging the bell, showing off snare chops, completely obliterating the sound of the cymbal being demo'd.
  10. 5stroke

    Replacement Strainer for Tama 3.25 x 14 Maple Piccolo Snare

    Yes, agreed. I was only considering this if I was able to do the adapter plate properly. I probably will need a local contact to help out unless Tama has a better suggestion.
  11. 5stroke

    Replacement Strainer for Tama 3.25 x 14 Maple Piccolo Snare

    thanks, will def. try that
  12. 5stroke

    Replacement Strainer for Tama 3.25 x 14 Maple Piccolo Snare

    I'm going to try to contact Tama support ([email protected]) for their suggestions, although I'd suspect they'd have no better ideas than to drill and use one of their models. I've also read their customer service is either slow or doesn't reply to retail consumers. So I'll try that route...
  13. 5stroke

    Replacement Strainer for Tama 3.25 x 14 Maple Piccolo Snare

    Thanks, it's on Amazon for a great price. So, you're thinking the Gibraltar vertical throw-off would work with the horizontal holes the snare has if I drilled a 2nd vertical hole above one of the existing 2?
  14. 5stroke

    Replacement Strainer for Tama 3.25 x 14 Maple Piccolo Snare

    the adapter plate sounds like a good idea, as I can't seem to find the right mounting holes yet
  15. 5stroke

    Replacement Strainer for Tama 3.25 x 14 Maple Piccolo Snare

    The Tama MPS30 strainer that was on this drum is discontinued by Tama, but mine broke and needs to be replaced. The butt plate is OK. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced replacement brand/model that will work with either flexible spacing or fit into the existing 31mm/1.25" hole interval...
  16. 5stroke

    Happy Birthday AVH

    Love Alex's style and music, the appreciation has grown over the years commensurate with me being able to better decipher (much more of) what he played on so many of my favorite VH songs.
  17. 5stroke

    ZZ Top on Carson, 1986

    Gotta love JB, no matter what venue he played in. No one's ever come close to his funk grooves IMO. Not to mention his impeccable hair coif and white teeth :walk:
  18. 5stroke

    Coked Out Bands

    Van Halen, especially with David Lee Roth, baby! Listening to some of their songs from the 70s pushes you to get up and move like crazy. Like this one. Frenetic, unrelenting party rock with incredible guitar, vocals and double bass drumming. Just imagine being with them at a live concert (or...
  19. 5stroke

    Aluminum snare drum comparison

    I use my Acro quite a lot on gigs, and actually like that Acro-honk (I mean the pingy after-tone at a higher pitch) as it gives a little more bite to the snare's presence, when a flat, deeper tone won't stand out as well in the mix.
  20. 5stroke

    Blood Sweat & Tears (1970 film & soundtrack)

    A quick search on shows 9 Press Coverage article links. Some of these articles are very informative and expand on the film. I love(d) BST and especially value Bobby Colomby's jazz influenced drumming style. Buddy Rich once mentioned BC as a bright young drummer star, so Buddy must...