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  1. Beefsurgeon

    Pearl's revamped product line is FIRE

    It looks like they're using the same principle as the Inde mount, which is to achieve dampening by letting the user adjust the stiffness with which the mount holds the shell. Pearl's implementation is obviously quite different though. It's exciting to finally see a substantial amount new...
  2. Beefsurgeon

    Anybody into rap/hip hop music/drumming? (Respectfully, please don't post about hating/bashing rap. Refrain from clicking if you are not interested.)

    This is a cool overview the quintuplet & septuplet feels used by Dilla and others:
  3. Beefsurgeon

    Dragonfly Beaters?

    I've been playing the leather beater for about 8 months, and it's pretty great overall. It has a really nice sound at all dynamics and feels great under foot. My heavy and frequent stomping has softened up the leather a bit, though it has held its shape. I'm thinking about replacing the top and...
  4. Beefsurgeon

    Sound/Tone Issue

    I don't know about the timeline, but DW did have a shell molding operation at the Ensenada factory that produced the CX. At a certain point, DW began quietly offering these shells to some of the smaller drum manufacturers. They were made to the exact same specs as Keller 8-ply shells, and were...
  5. Beefsurgeon

    NEW Olive Satin Flame wrap in the Wild . . . Any idea how to "tint" a satin flame wrap?

    Sounds like a cool project! You can find clear satin flame here. Had a sample of this many years ago and experimented with painting the back and gluing it to a scrap shell. I *think* it worked, but I can't remember if there were any imperfections. In any case, it's not terribly expensive and...
  6. Beefsurgeon

    Ludwig announcing a new finish

    The photos made me go "hmmm..." but I saw a kit in on the floor at Pro Drum Shop last weekend and it actually looked kinda awesome. The colors really show off the classic oyster pearl multi-layered effect. The photos on DCP's website have a gold-ish tint, but it's more of a bright yellow in person.
  7. Beefsurgeon

    Veneer seams - a little help please

    Shrinkage really depends on the material. Wood veneers are designed to be shaped and fit precisely. Once they're glued in place, they should be just as stable as the rest of the shell. Plastic drum wraps may shrink a bit as they age. Some of the vintage pearls would shrink a lot, but the newer...
  8. Beefsurgeon

    Any secrets to tuning vintage drums?

    Check that the hoops are both flat and round enough (you shouldn't have to squeeze the head to fit it in the hoop). Warped hoops can really affect tunability.
  9. Beefsurgeon

    Are Single Point Lugs a Bad Idea?

    From firsthand experience: It's generally a bad idea on snares. I haven't seen them bend the shell, but they dig into the finish at the top edge and I've actually seen the inserts (the vertical tube that the tension rod screws into) break off due to tension. They work fine on toms and bass drums.
  10. Beefsurgeon

    Sonor Vintage Series Drums...LOVE!

    These have been on my "someday" list since they came out. The only problems for me are the high cost and the fact that they discontinued the natural finish, which was my favorite by far. Someday though!
  11. Beefsurgeon

    new drum kit day!! 1970 champagne sparkle kit

    Dang, that's a very cool kit!!! Pretty much any sort of guitar polish is safe to use on drums if you want to give them a bit more shine.
  12. Beefsurgeon

    Premier Kit ID Help

    Premier did indeed offer this configuration: That said, it's hard to see the kick drum in the photos--wouldn't hurt to ask the seller to double check the diameter.
  13. Beefsurgeon

    SOLD - 8” x 14” Ludwig Oak/Maple hybrid snare - $300 shipped or trade

    I've got one too and it's probably my favorite 8x14.
  14. Beefsurgeon

    Earliest recorded fast bass drum triplets?

    Check this one out:
  15. Beefsurgeon

    Going from a satin ebony to a gloss finish methods?

    Virtuoso polish and a microfiber cloth can get you from "extremely satin" to "somewhat shiny" (example). If you want a true glass-like gloss, you'll need to take a more traditional sand / apply gloss / sand / buff approach. That's a lot more work and you run the risk of sanding through the color...
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    Amazon deals thread

    Judging by the weight of 1.54 lb, the dimensions of 17.13 x 11.34 x 3.9 inches, and the item code (SDBS14'm pretty sure you're gonna get a snare bag.
  17. Beefsurgeon

    Amazon deals thread

    Bosphorus Cymbals A18C 18-Inch Antique Series Crash Cymbal for $125:
  18. Beefsurgeon

    Future Drums

    I suspect we'll see some difference in manufacturing methods and materials, but I don't think drum kit will be radically different. Maybe someone will finally figure out how to make a decent drumstick out of something other than a hardwood dowel. There will probably be some innovation in wood...
  19. Beefsurgeon

    What articles people want to see in Modern Drummer magazine.

    Looking back at the years when I read pretty much every issue cover to cover (1995-2012), two things stick out: Diverse types of players covered. MD served as my initial introduction to the greats, as well as not-yet-legendary but current performers. I also enjoyed reading interviews with...
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    Let's see your acrylic drums!

    Spaun acrylic 13-16-22