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  1. jtpaistegeist

    Sold!! Paiste Dark Energy MKI 15" Hi Hats

    Hey all, I am selling my Paiste DE Hats to fund another purchase. Excellent condition, no issues. $465 for forum members, Free Shipping in the lower 48, buyer pays Paypal fee. Thanks for looking...
  2. jtpaistegeist

    Cymbals for Sale: Agop SE Fusion, Paiste 602, Sound Formula

    Hey all, I have a few cymbals for sale. All are in excellent condition, if not like new. Shipping to lower 48 only, no trades please. -22" Agop Special Edition Fusion Ride 2644g (great specimen here, video included) - $399 Shipped for Forum Members...
  3. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Meinl Byzance Foundry Reserve 20" Crash 1655g

    Meinl Foundry Reserve 20" Crash 1655g. Excellent condition. $350 shipped for forum members, no trades please. Thanks for looking!
  4. jtpaistegeist

    Meinl Byzance Jazz Sweet Ride 20" 1749g

    Meinl Byzance 20" Jazz Series Sweet Ride 1749g. Mint condition, still in factory bag. $330 shipped in the lower 48, buyer pays PP fees. No trades please. My description: Responsive, low and dark. Good stick definition "tah" and a nice bell. Crashes with ease. Thanks for looking!
  5. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Paiste Cymbals - Masters Dark Crash/Ride -Free Shipping! Reduced!

    Bump.. Added free shipping! in the lower 48!
  6. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Paiste Cymbals - Masters Dark Crash/Ride -Free Shipping! Reduced!

    Hey all, I am selling a very lightly used Paiste cymbal. Excellent condition with no issues. From Memphis DS & have the videos below. Buyer covers paypal fees, no trades please. Free shipping in the lower 48. Thanks for looking! 20" Masters Dark Crash/Ride 1749g - $330
  7. jtpaistegeist

    What Are You Listening To?

  8. jtpaistegeist

    What Are You Listening To?

  9. jtpaistegeist

    What’s your favorite Nefertiti Clone?

    Zen.. That's actually the one I have (2644g)! That video sold me.
  10. jtpaistegeist

    What’s your favorite Nefertiti Clone?

    From what I can tell, the Fusion is much lower profile/pitch, but heavier in weight by ~350g. The profile of the Fusion is quite low, with a very slight edge flange. The fine top outer edge lathing really opens this one up for crashes and shoulder sticking. The crash on mine is nice and low...
  11. jtpaistegeist

    Ride wash

    Generally yes. Although the profile, hammering, lathing, etc have much to do with the feel and dryness. For example, I have Turk style unlathed thin cymbals that have more stick definition than some heavier, larger models. I can definitely play quicker/cleaner/clearer patterns with a 22"...
  12. jtpaistegeist

    Gretsch Renown vs Brooklyn question

    I had a Renown Bop kit that was great, wish I still had it. Having owned UASC & Brooklyn, the quality is on par, yet I do find the USA models to have some extra mojo, maybe 5% (eye of the beholder). The biggest difference for me are the snares, I prefer the USA models.
  13. jtpaistegeist

    What’s your favorite Nefertiti Clone?

    That's awesome Ptrick. I recently acquired a new 22" SE Fusion Ride 2644g that I am in love with. I use it with my Paiste Masters rides/crashes and it blends beautifully. It exhibits many of the TW qualities, nice tah, dragons breath, smooth crash and shoulder sticking. It knocks my Paiste...
  14. jtpaistegeist

    Sonor Delite 5.5"x14" Snare Drum - Ultra Marine - Hella Hoops - Maple- $625 Shipped!

    Hey all, Selling my Sonor Delite Maple Snare (Made in Germany) Ultra Marine lacquer finish. Excellent condition, no issues. Thin Maple shell with re-rings, Hella Cast Hoops, Sonor Slotted Rods. Sounds fantastic & is Very sensitive, great under mics. Nice woodgrain on the interior. Has...
  15. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Mehteran Cymbals made in Istanbul HiHats 895/1108 gr SALE!

    Bump for crazy low price! $150 shipped in the CONUSA!
  16. jtpaistegeist

    Thinking about new hats ETA: Got ‘em 16” K Lights

    Picked up a pair of these about 6 months ago and they haven't left the stand since. I love everything about them!