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    Anyone play with an upright bass player?

    +1. My experience is exactly the same. Our bassist brings both, the upright stick for the jazz stuff and his bass guitar for R&B.
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    Anyone play with an upright bass player?

    I play in a light jazz quartet (sax, piano, bass, drums + vocalist sometimes) and we have a primary bassist and a sub. Primary guy plays bass guitar (he's in a bunch of other bands) but bought one of those upright electric sticks for a rockabilly gig and also brings it along to our gigs...
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    Do Bop kits lose their luster?

    True; Joe Morello could and did play his Ludwig Super Classic (22k/13,16f) in a piano trio with Marian McPartland and with Brubeck at pp level with no problem - it's down to the skill of the drummer. That said, I use my Sonor jungle kit (16k/10,13f) in a jazz (but not bop) combo playing wine...
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    Yamaha Cross Town lightweight hardware

    Thanks - I have several different ones of him on my bass drums and musicians and audience members all love him. Mojo is "the greatest dog in the history of dogs being ever."
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    When Craigslist gets good...

    That would actually be a good practice/jam-o-rama kit if the edges are ok.
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    Ludwig Acrolites – Pewter Grey / Black Galaxy – 1980s / 1990s

    I'd like to find a 6.5x14 blacro but they're scarce as hen's teeth and now way overpriced for what was originally considered a simple, workaday drum.
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    Yamaha Cross Town lightweight hardware

    For those kinds of situations, I'd recommend finding a used Pearl Rhythm Traveler; all the toms nest and the bass drum is slim but still gives you a real bass drum sound because it's 8x20. I made mine even more compact by using two timbales (Pearl 3.5x13 and DW 2.5x10 piccolo tom) that nest...
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    Yamaha Cross Town lightweight hardware

    Judging from the bass drum, your OCD can't be that bad. >;^)
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    Ludwig Acrolites – Pewter Grey / Black Galaxy – 1980s / 1990s

    Condition of the heads should mean nothing, you can replace them in a minute; condition of the shell is much more important. I always thought/was told that Acros were student-model drums, so I only got one one (used) fairly recently in my playing life. I opted for the blacro simply because I...
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    Who are your favorite underrated or unjustly bashed drummers?

    I feel Aynsley Dunbar and Joel Rosenblatt (and maybe even Lenny White) don't get as much respect as they deserve, despite being stellar drummers. Don't know why.
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    Head Change on 6/8 LP Mini Timbales

    How do you think Fiberskyns might sound?
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    How do your pets handle the noise?

    Mojo always wanted to be in on the action:
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    Baltimore based drum shops?

    Keith Larsen's Baltimore Drum Company (formerly Mid Atlantic Drum)
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    What do you end up doing with kits you don't need when you don't need the money?

    While that may be true generally speaking, I've kept things I haven't used for many years and then all of a sudden, I need them. This is especially true for odd ball stuff like finger cymbals, a gong, timbales, a slide whistle, certain models of sticks, Factory Metal stuff, wind chimes...
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    Anyone else rocking 10/14/20?

    I do. Sometimes in a conventional configuration: But more often in a more idiosyncratic layout in which I use Pearl Compact Traveler 10 and 14 toms; with 2-ply heads mic'ed up, those things kill. They pack up easy and on a rack, take up very little room onstage.
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    Favorite ride cymbal diameter

    For most of my playing career I favored 20s, but one time I had a Zildjian Rock 21 which I really liked for its oversized bell - hard target to miss. When Rudes came out I tried a 22 ride but it took up too much real estate and didn't really have as much balls as the 20s I had been using. Had...
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    Favorite ride cymbal diameter

    You use both. When I started using small diameter drums (18 or 16 kicks with 10&13 or 12&14 toms), I also downscaled to 18 rides. It's more in keeping with the smaller drums - whenever I see these bop and jungle kits with 20 and 22 rides it looks absurd. Although I'm a Paiste guy, I lucked into...
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    WTB: Remo Muff'ls 16 and 18

    WTB: Remo Muffl's, old style with internal plastic tray, not the new external model. Sizes 16 and 18.
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    Gig Pic from last night

    I like to play drums and I like the way they look. I usually take pix of my kit at every gig so I can remember what I used and how it worked/didn't work. Kind of like a visual diary.