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  1. ERWinner

    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    The fine print there says not on used or clearance items... BC, was your kit and congas that shipped for so cheap new? O Lord, if they figured out a way to ship whole kits across 1/2 the country for $40 I'm afraid it will lead to renewed intensity of my GAS!
  2. ERWinner

    I was asked to use different cymbals last night.

    Just remember that this stupidity can work in our favor! Twice now I've scored a 20" 70s A Zildjian from a guitarist with the "hey, you don't need this old, dirty cymbal" line. ;)
  3. ERWinner

    Ear Protection. What do you use?

    Westone custom molds here. They're usually $200 from the audiologist I went to, but they give 50% off to Audio Engineering and Commercial Music majors at the school I went to. That was over 7 years ago and somehow have not lost them yet! They hooked me up with 15 and 25dB attenuators that you...
  4. ERWinner

    Is it wrong...

    Last night I played a Premier kit with a DW bass drum pedal and high hat stand, a Ludwig snare on a Yamaha stand and a total mixmatch of cymbal stands. With Sabian and Zildjian cymbals. :) My country band setup is similar on hardware, but a Pearl kit with a Yamaha snare. Variety is the spice of...
  5. ERWinner


    Incredible! I'd love to get my hands on a Dyna! And especially a 6.5!!!
  6. ERWinner

    Driving to Atlanta

    I went to APP a couple years ago when I was in Hotlanta and they really do have a ton of gear and the prices they had on the drums were 1/2 the advertised price compared to here and lots of excellent used snares. Totally worth fighting the traffic (and getting my mirror clipped by a psycho woman...
  7. ERWinner


    those are beauts! I picked up a club date bass drum yesterday, painted blue. As I was stripping it I realized it had been the same black/gold duco as yours. Which made me sad, as that was my HS colors. :(
  8. ERWinner

    CL VT. Gretsch/Yamaha find.

    get us some pics, dammit! :D If that's a 'beater' 8000 or 9000 series, I'll find you!!!
  9. ERWinner

    Another 6.5 Acro!

    hmmm....looks like someone may know that these bring more $$$ than a regular mid-70s 402... I love this forum!
  10. ERWinner

    Hey Indy guys!!! C-list

    http://indianapolis....1237413447.html Is it just me, or is this the kind of ad that just makes my mouth water? $60+paint stripper+new wrap?
  11. ERWinner

    Score! Rogers XP10 Superten Snare: Less than a dozen made

    A fair deal on a 1/12 drum? I don't even wanna know! :P Beautiful drum, btw!
  12. ERWinner

    Acro-Maniacs - let's talk 6.5....

    Looks like 10 to me. ?
  13. ERWinner


    This listing cracked me up. ... 7C294%3A50 $650 Acrolite! Gotta put some of mine up for sale!
  14. ERWinner

    Spinal Tap – Back From The Dead...

    Re: Spinal Tap Back From The Dead... They were on the Tonight Show last night and had Greg Bissonette on the drums. He didn't explode, though. :)
  15. ERWinner

    Yamaha Model TT812T

    You did great for just the rack and cymbals! Great snag!!!
  16. ERWinner

    Follow-up snare shell question

    You really need a macro lens or a point and shoot with a macro setting to get a close enough focal range to really show just the bearing edge. I can't tell squat from that picture.
  17. ERWinner

    beautiful wfl kit bdp

    That's a beaut! And I love my 12x22. Seems more resonant to me.
  18. ERWinner

    He's Baaaaaaaack!

    I just love how feebay doesn't give a **** cuz they're taking their (exhorbitant) fees regardless. Reason #4582393 why I'll just have to wait for stuff to pop up on the local c-list. eBay is of no use to me anymore.
  19. ERWinner

    Gladstone snare questions

    Gladstone partnered with Gretsch from '37-WWII. Which doesn't really help you, but maybe ol' Fred has an interest in it still?
  20. ERWinner

    Anyone ever see an Acro like this before?

    I have a '70 model Acro and it's got the 60s style shell treatment. Anodized? Anyway, pre-grey paint/powdercoating. But mine just has the regular bowties.