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    OT: Arnold Palmer, R.I.P.

    Arnold was bigger than life. Even in his later years he was very relevant performing in a lot of commercials and not cheesy commercials either. Although Jack was a better golfer with more titles, I believe Arnold was always more popular. And I don't believe I ever heard any scandals about him...
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    The Beatles eight days a week

    Signed up for HULU to be able to see it, but I was leaning to signing up for a while. Very interesting, entertaining movie. In an age where everyone didn't have cell phone cameras it is amazing how much video footage was available. And it is amazing how good they sounded in each concert...
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    Wow! This looks real fun

    That is pretty wild. I have heard some really fast YouTube videos of guitarists playing flight of the bumble bee are really tricky video hocus pocus. I wonder of there is some of that here. If not there were some fast hands displayed. Definitely more cool "toys" for kids today than when I...
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    OT: Shoe Goo

    I have used shoe goo on running or walking type shoes in the past and had success. I usually wear on the outer heel and the inner toe area and reinforcing with shoe goo allowed me to use the shoes a few more months.
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    A room for my drums

    That building/room project came out really well. The finished room looks great! Hopefully playing there will inspire you to your next level of greatness.
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    Anika Nilles - Really!

    To me Anika has a fresh approach to what she plays. She does like her cymbals and drums pretty dry. And you see a little in the last video posted she has a killer single pedal right foot.
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    Anika Nilles - Really!

    Don't forget Anika also writes most if not all the music she has posted on YouTube. Following the Hit Like A Girl Contest the last few years has shown me how many really good younger and older females are out there drumming. I agree with the comments that men and women are different. Women...
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    A room for my drums

    I know you do but consider how fortunate you are to have a Mum that supports you like this. 15 and you will basically have your own practice room/recording studio. Having the space and building to do this is a big advantage to living more in the country. Of course professional musicians have...
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    I've been to London :)

    Got to visit London for 4 days in the mid 1980's. Absolutely my favorite city in the world. All the European culture and history, the people speak English, and the McDonalds served breakfast which sadly meant something to me back then. :-) Glad to see you heavily involved in Rockschool. It...
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    Semi OT: Support Funding of US Military Bands

    I am a little late to this post but as someone who spent the first 6.5 years of a 21.5 years Air Force career in bands at Langley AFB and Pease AFB I can speak from somewhat older experience. A BIG part of our mission was the support of recruiting. Although the military doesn't need as many...
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    Reso heads question :)

    Although resos have a lot to do with the tone of the drum since batters come in all kinds of types (single ply, double ply, rings, dots, etc) they affect the type of sound. I would replace the batter heads and if you can tune the drums up and they sound good to you go with that. I have...
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    Snare Grill

    Well I guess you can when he interfaces with this drum he is really cooking! :-)
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    Stevie Wonder

    I grew up listening to and appreciating technical jazz drummers. That is what that music needs. Rock/pop is all about the song and usually drums are NOT the dominant instrument so someone like Stevie plays what works for the song. He is a gifted MUSICIAN. He writes and makes music. Musical...
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    Why so sensitive? OT

    I can only speak for America but differences of well thought out opinions used to be expected and rewarded and part of what made us great. Now in a polarized mostly political environment too many think their opinion is the only one that counts. Quite sad actually but it is what it is. If we all...
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    Forum Suggestions

    To be honest I have lost interest in this forum. A large percentage of posts are about gear and gear collection which is fine for collectors but not so much for the rest. I can understand people asking about heads or sticks or snare drums or what cymbal to buy but honestly for me the only way...
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    Fun day in school!

    Cool story. Glad to see new drums and excitement happen in school settings. :-) Being the first person to play a drum kit is a memory especially if you would go back to that school 5 or more years from now, see it still there, and be able to tell the story how you were the first to set it up...
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    My Life Before and After Mel Lewis

    I think there is a lot of insight and depth to this story. Mel Lewis was a famous jazz drummer and the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra was one of the best jazz orchestras at the time and they didn't make money. I can see where that was a wake up call. A few people can/will make a living just...
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    Ten Percent of Difference in a $5,000 Drum Set?

    I 100% agree with this topic. So much of drummers and this forum deals with collecting drums vs. playing drums. Not all but a lot. And we can be snobs. If someone says they play a high end DW kit you have a perception of them vs. a drummer that says they play a Pearl Export. It is quite...
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    Drum Shell myths?

    I agree with a lot of what they said in the video. Shell is part of the equation but if what do you do with a cheap drum kit? You put on pinstripes and as long as the bearing edge isn't flawed and the drum is round it can sound fairly decent. I don't think they were dismissing shell. More...
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    RIP Randy Jones

    He kicked butt on Maynard Ferguson's Live At Jimmy's album.