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    Only One Drum Kit?

    PDP Platinum or CX series; Mapex Saturn
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    Great Slingerland Deal!

    Pieced out might get this price and would take that buyer who knows what the uniqueness of say, the snare is. Otherwise way too much. For me at least.
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    Great Slingerland Deal!

    Waaayy overpriced. Seller better plan on keeping those for awhile
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    Acrylic drum set, who started, Ludwig or Pearl?

    Zickos was the first I believe. Later Bill Ludwig strong armed him into turning over patent rights to Ludwig and thus Vistalites. Zickos drums are very heavy but well-made. Yes they do crack as well. Several used Camco parts (holders/spurs) but the lug design was/is unique. Tama Starphonic...
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    No Surprise: Josh Freese Announced as Foo Fighters Live Drummer.

    He will do great and kudos to Josh!!
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    Had no idea..Explorers Drums Closing...

    They also were the only store that had Zickos drum parts. I understand Bill Zickos gave them all his parts inventory
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    Aaron Spears is with Ludwig now

    I don’t think Mapex has recovered since Joe Hibb’s untimely death. He was the driving force behind Mapex hands down. Terry Bissett (spelling) at Ludwig has a lot of experience with artist relations. He did a very good job when he was with Tama/Hoshino
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    Had no idea..Explorers Drums Closing...

    I think so Pat. Overland Park area I think. Yes, all 3 gone now. I remember going to C&C and visiting with Bill.
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    Had no idea..Explorers Drums Closing...

    There is a new drum shop in KC called KC Drum Shop. I wish them luck. If Wes couldn’t make a go of it for this many years then we will see how the new shop does after the new wears off.
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    DW vs. SONOR

    Both are great kits. Sometimes it also comes down to service and availability. KHS has not really IMO pushed Sonor in the US. Parts hard to come by. Add ons could be tough to get. German labor costs push the price up. That being said the best drums I have personally played were Sonor Phonics BUT...
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    What are you taking to your gigs this weekend

    Old school. ‘80’s Tama Imperialstar with King Beat snare then change it to my Starphonic brass snare. HHX cymbals as always. Other kit I switch it up with are my Saturns.
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    Pearl MMX

    Thank you!!
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    Pearl MMX

    Thank you!
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    Pearl MMX $1300 shipped for DFO. Lower U.S. only
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    Sound/Tone Issue

    Well, after trying numerous head variations, this kit has to sadly go. I think die-cast hoops with shells that have re-rings just kills any sustaining tone. Hard to tune and just don’t have the patience dialing something in this drastic. So no big loss and don’t like Tom’s hanging off cymbal...
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    Mapex Saturn V MH Opinions

    Not bad considering todays overly inflated drum prices. And no shipping to deal with either so no additional cost. Could always see if the seller would take less when you go check them out
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    If you spent $5k on 3 drums and….

    Frustrating indeed! In my case it was ply separation on a new 10” Tom along with dents on the bearing edge. I figured at least 3 people could have seen the separation but no, it got shipped anyway. It was a Ludwig Classic maple and bought it from DCP. Took a long time to get it replaced and...
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    Mapex Saturn V MH Opinions

    Like the majority of folks here on DF, I have run through countless brands of drums with all sort of shell ply configurations and have never come Across a kit like the Saturn. I prefer the Mapex Saturn Pro series personally because of the superb isolation hardware on those kits; but the shell...
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    Sonor Kompressor Snare

    KHS made. They own Sonor
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    Sound/Tone Issue

    Going to play them at a gig a week from now and see how they perform. Thinking it’s the die cast hoops I need to adjust my hearing to. Drums are impeccable in every way and one of Pearls best series so I’ll get there!!