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    Paiste Alpha's...Why the popularity?

    The first gen Alphas as others mentioned were very, very nice B8 cymbals at an affordable price level. I for myself still adore their logo. A bit a pity that they pushed them into a „metal cymbal“ series with the redesign. The 505s were a bit before my time but I had the one or other under my...
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    Paiste Giant Beats - Let’s discuss

    Would you rather go with 15/18/20/22 or 15/18/20/24 and why?
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    Paiste Giant Beats - Let’s discuss

    I just listened to the sound samples on the paiste page. It‘s a bit odd, the 22“ seems to have a lower pitch than the 24“?
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    Paiste Giant Beats - Let’s discuss

    I just have hands-on experience with the 20“ Multi. A wonderful cymbal in my opinion and my go to cymbal if I don‘t know exactly what I‘m expecting. Nice mellow crash for louder situations and a nice light ride for quiter stuff. As already mentioned not as agressive as the 2002s, generally...
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    Sonor Kompressor Snare

    It is definitly made in China, but I‘ve read on a German review site that quality control takes place in Germany. It is also mentioned that this is the first aluminum shell made by Sonor (besides a marching snare in the 1930s). Source...
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    Sonor Kompressor Snare

    Nice, I‘ve heard the rumors and have been waiting for the announcement. I‘ll definitly gonna get an aluminum one. What is it about the 8“ ones? Asking because I‘ve never played such a deep snare before.
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    Preferred weight for ride cymbal?

    In louder settings 3-3,2kg, in lighter settings around 2,4-2,6kg for a 22“.
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    Your Dream Cymbals for a Cover Band

    Either this or something equivalent from the 2002 series.
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    "Jazzy" Ride for 2002 setup

    Thanks for all your replies! I've also consulted the audio samples on the Paiste web site. In general, I'd like to avoid out of production and rare models, also because there isn't a huge used market where I live. So far, I narrowed it down to: - 20" 2002 Flat Ride (this would be my first flat...
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    "Jazzy" Ride for 2002 setup

    Hi guys, Yes, I've entered chapter 345298 in the everlasting quest for a new ride (aka GAS aka I want a new toy :)). This time, I'm looking for a mellower ride that would fit into my 2002 setup. It doesn't have to be a full-on jazz ride, but something that I can use for a softer, quieter...
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    Zildjians in Sonor price list 1977

    Interesting stuff! I wondered about the prices and was surprised that the difference isn‘t as much as one could think. 427DM from 1977 would be equal to 616€ today. A 22 K Ride goes for 569€ on Thomann as example, so 50€ difference.
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    Which Second Instrument?

    Hi all, I recently thought about „learning“ another instrument. The goal is not to become a virtuoso, this will be more of a vehicle for me to learn music theory, chords, harmonics etc. To give a better understandig of this topic and eventually allowing me to contribute more to songwriting...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    15“ 2002 Sound Edge Hats. It feels like home…
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    Cymbal (second set) suggestions

    Options in that budget range may be Istanbul Mehmet Samatyas or Intermediate Level Cymbals from Paiste like PST7, PST8 or the 900 series. You can get a 14“HH/16 crash/20 ride set of all of them NEW under 500$ and they sound really good, especially since she wants to play in a rock band. For...
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    New music is being made . . .

    Thanks for sharing. For me, it has been a while the last time I heard a band and thought: WOW, I've never heard something like that before. System of a Down was the last band where that happened to me, but that already 20 years ago. Maybe The Hirsch Effekt, but this song is also 7 years old...
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    Paiste Prototypes

    How did that go? Did you just contact Paiste and asked? How long did it take them to manufactor a special order? And how was the pricing?
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    In the words of Paiste: „While Color Sound 900 feature essentially the same sound and function as the 900 Series, the color coating causes a slightly drier sound, shortens the sustain a bit, and results in a more focused attack.“ The colors itself (blue, red, …) do not have different effects...
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    OT - Energy of used Items

    No. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to do so.
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    What Makes Kids Pick Up Sticks Today?

    Prepare for an old mans rant (and I‘m not even 40). In my opinion, there are several factors why kids DON‘T learn an instrument today. Social Media plays a big part here. Had a conversation about this with my bass teacher and he confirmed that there has been a huge change in the mindset of...
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    Say you had to choose a single set of "all around hi-hats" to start with.

    As others already said, since you already have 2002 crashes, I‘d recommend a 14“ 2002 Medium Hat. They are a bit more mellow than the SEs, thus more versatile. Cheaper options would be other B8 medium hats from Paiste, as they all complement eachother well.